Lenormand reading sample

The partial layout below is a full 36 card reading done with the Madame Lenormand French Cartomancy Deck

The seeker of the cards is a female. She is going through some tough times and can’t seem to be making the right choices (so she thinks) and is experiencing difficulty in sleeping due to her deep concern about her situation. There is NO significant male in her life such as a boyfriend, husband, common law, etc.

lady + birds = shows the worries around this female.
lady + birds + cross = the grave concerns around the female are affecting her well being (tree)
lady + heart = she thinks about having a loving relationship.
Heart is in the vertical column falling in the future spot. The suggestion is that an emotional situation is before her that will pull her heart string. In this case, the Heart does represent a tortured mind (+whip) due to excessive worry (birds + whip)

birds + cross = indicates a situation already around her and that is of the utmost importance. Her thoughts (birds) are very negative to the point of giving up (cross)
cross + tree = shows that her well being (emotional health) is in jeopardy

cross + tree = can also indicate that unless there is a stop put to these worries (birds) she will develop severe headaches (whip + tree)
This was confirmed and the fact that there were so many restless nights she started to get headaches.

update sept 21st- this person developed vertigo sometimes induced by stress

heart + coffin = as there is no romantic relationship, these cards do not apply as far as a relationship that ends. In her case, it strongly suggest that she feels “empty” and “void” emotionally (moon)

The gentleman card appears in her near future -this will represent someone that will be involved in her life but not necessarily in a romantic capacity, it may be a friend or a male connected to a job (fox in the next column)

As things stand she is not aware of any male connected to work.

gentleman + letter = means that correspondence or a message comes from this male and that (coffin) there is some sort of completion or a retreat of something important to her (heart + coffin)

update: ditto, a letter of rejection after leading her on to think he was available

whip + gentleman = points to several conversation with this male about something she holds dear in her heart

gentleman + fox = this man could be unreliable or untrustworthy or if you take the “fox” to mean a work situation then there will be many talks (whip) about some project

update sept 21st: this is connection to the previous line as well and yes he turned out to be untrustworthy -work related

The card beneath the fox can’t be seen in the image but it is #31 the sun.
letter + sun = shows some good and promising news coming from this male (gentleman)

The fact the lady + heart + gentleman all touch, this can be someone from her past that she had long forgotten (heart +coffin) about. He may resurface again. Gentleman and the moon card suggests she may very well know this man. She could not relate to this suggestion.

update sept 21st- this man was not directly connected to her past but he was the exhusband of a former supervisor of hers at another job way into the past years

There are two cards that mean “2”, both the birds and the whip cards. I felt that there is an issue with “time“, like not enough time or extended time or needing more time. How that fits in to the theme of the cards is not certain yet with the exception of that perhaps she needs to give herself more time to eventually see the rays of the sun-card.

I left the top row of this reading out from the first part of the analysis on purpose. I could see immediately why the female couldn’t sleep and what these “rough times” were. Now I will include it to shed some more light on the issues involved with this female.

In the top row you see FISH, PATH, KEY, CLOUDS

fish + lady = the fish card above the lady shows that she is preoccupied with money, this is weighing heavily on her. We already ruled out the fact about the lack of a male -we don’t use the King the diamonds.

path + heart = the female has a decision to make real soon involving her finances and her emotional state (birds + heart) because of them.

key + coffin = the solution to her issues will come in the form of a major transition and she needs to get out of her emotional state (heart + coffin). In other words, she need to change her attitude and start fresh with everything

The gentleman card is in this vertical column. Part of her problem solving will come from discussions with “some” male (whip + gentleman), which she is not totally aware of or maybe can’t think off hand who it is. This sometimes happens in readings, the seeker of the cards blanks out because they are nervous or too focused on the entire card reading process.

update: sept 21st this male turned out to be a male acquaintance which she viewed casually but he was an excellent conversationalist.

key + clouds = the answer could also come from a King of Clubs type of person. This combo also means stormy time coming up with emotions (clouds + moon). The lighter side of the cards face the key-card, so this means that the emotional roller coaster will pass

The cloud card falls in the vertical column with the fox card. This can point to the return (moon-memories,past) of someone that “was” work connected somehow.

Summary: The female in question is experiencing financial difficulties that are creating stress on an emotional level. She is unable to rest sufficiently because of this. She faces a significant change in direction and must decide with all her heart that she will get through this and start rebuilding her financial house. It appears as though she will be linked emotionally with 2 different men in a very short time. I felt that both men where from her past. I saw that she just wanted to escape and run away from everything ( fish, path)

The female has a few hurdles to get through for the next few weeks. Because the sun card fell in the future (to her right) there is hope for happiness. Unfortunately it will be short lived because the scythe card follows the sun card (not shown in image)

continued in next post