SADNESS- (time for a laugh)

SADNESS –sad.jpg
Gipsy Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten fortune telling cards in light-hearted combinations.

SADNESS in combos just for fun…….. can’t always be so serious!
+DEATH= saying good-bye is never easy (get over it)

+DESIRE= you probably won’t get what you want (but you will get what you don’t want)

+ECCLESIASTIC= attending a funeral (don’t go if you never liked the person)

+ANGER= wipe away your tears and fight back (time to kick some ass)

+BABY= missing a child (distance makes the heart grow fonder)

+CONSTANCY= you have felt like this for a while now (time for a cold shower)

+ENEMY= back stabbing really hurts (always face your opposition)

+GIFT= bittersweet token of love (good bye gifts always suck)

+HOPE= the sun shines after the rain (and then it rains again)

+HOUSE= distressing news come to you home (don’t answer the door)

+FALSENESS= finding out the diamond is not real (and neither is the person that gave it to you)

+FIDELITY= loss of a good friend (was it something you said)

+FORTUNE= money isn’t everything (but is sure helps a lot)

+JEALOUSY= no point crying over spilt milk (get a glass of chocolate milk next time)

+LETTER= it is written in black and white (see if you can hit the garbage can with it)

+LOSS= grief (oh poor me, did you want some cheese with your whine)

+JOURNEY= a trip that is necessary to take (most are)

+JUDGE= unfair decision (who said life was fair)

+MERRIMENT= tears of joy (ride the wave while you are on it)

+MISFORTUNE= unexpected catastrophe (running out of your favorite alcoholic beverage)

+LOVE= being dumped (your turn next)

+LOVER= disappointing man (never trust a man that won’t let you phone him at home)

+VISIT= unpleasant travel (trip to the dentist usually is)

+WIDOW= lonely old woman (most nags are)

+MALADY= inconsolable (those flu bugs get nastier and nastier)

+MARRIAGE= breach of promise (yup you’ve been conned, live and learn)

+MESSAGE= bad news arrives (the weather forecast is bad for the camping trip)

+SWEETHEART= nursing one’s heart (love is blind)

+THIEF= stealing your joy (those little joy-crooks hide everywhere)

+MONEY= money has no conscience ( and neither does something else ha-ha, winky winky)

+OFFICER= official disturbing news (you need major engine repairs)

+THOUGHT= depressing thoughts (you can only appreciate happiness-if you aren’t for awhile)

+UNEXPECTED JOY= in a short time you’ll feel better (guys or girls night out)

+SOME MONEY= insignificant raise (well it’s enough for the parking meter)

+WIDOWER= loss of partner (poker night is cancelled)


2 thoughts on “SADNESS- (time for a laugh)

  1. Hi !
    Your combinations are fantastic…
    I am still surprised at having so many meanings of a gipsy card.
    It is no accident that this type of card is called a talkative or a chatty one ….)
    thank you…

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