Prediction comes to pass

The interpretation I am going to talk about is from an actual reading done.
My opening statement for the E-reading was as follows: “The cards that I will interpret were selected August 7th, a little over 2 weeks ago. Some things may have happened.”

This is what I stated Information about a letter related to health is shared with you, the findings are not positive. There is a change that is found in a loosely monitored condition. Treatments will be suggested. Cards show that you are very worried about this and the person involved is close to you. A close female for sure.

“Disturbances on a family level, news of a heart attack- fluid build up/pneumonia in the lungs. This person will pass on, attendance at a funeral. The card that showed up represents an emotional link, as in family member.”

These are the cards that were involved:

The Carreras Fortune Telling Cards (French Cartomancy deck)

I was informed yesterday from the person that had this reading done last year of this news of a death which occurred on May 31/07, the funeral is June 4/07, the emotional link was a close member of the family. At this point I am not sure of cause of death – and it does not matter.

Notice that these 2 vertical lines are the last ones in the full layout. The approximate time for the manifestation of this interpretation took about 9 months.
Let’s look at the cards closer:
FYI -As it turned out there is a sister involved LADY + STORK
-stork+tree= emotional link, family member
-lady+coffin+park=attendance at a funeral
-tree+letter= letter related to health
-coffin +( tree +letter) =disturbance on a family level
-stork (queen of cups)= a close female for sure
-birds= worries
-tree + bear (which was not included in this post but mentioned in the e-reading) =significant emotional family support, older man involved


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