Symbolon One card draw

Today I decided to do a one card draw using the Symbolon deck. Creators Peter Orban, Ingrid Zinnel and Thea Weller translations by Anthony Haywood

I know that there is a layout in the booklet that came with the cards that uses 3 cards or using the Astrological interpetation. The author stresses the fact that the cards are not to be used for a yes or no answer, but I did have a question in mind and I wanted to see what would come up.

If the deck is all about remembering, then we should remember the answer as well and it would be reflected in the card. Wouldn’t it? I feel that the images within this deck will speak to you in whatever way you want to “listen” to them. I have an excellent understanding of Astrology and have yet to try the Symbolon in that manner. It would be interesting to say the least.

I drew the card called Matter & Spirit, which you can see below in the image (it’s a little blurry) Actually I would have preferred if the cards were listed in the contents in alphabetical order to find them easier because NOT everyone knows that Aries is the 1st Astrological sign which is “THE WARRIOR”, Aries/Mars.

My understanding of the Matter and Spirit card is that there is some sort of trade off going on between my materialistic world and my spiritual world. I found this interpretation amusing. One of the meanings is that the “spiritual is a product”. The essence of the card is sacrifice or an offering to a higher cause.

Looking at the image I can’t help but think of “another organized belief system view”. The meanings slightly changes when in the outcome spot #3. The gut feeling I get is that the spiritual lessons learned thus far, cannot be taken away. However in the problem spot #1 position it appears to mean the opposite.

What I don’t fully understand is why a material sacrifice is necessary to gain new insights. The other thing is the image relays to me that a crucial time is here and I may have to decide between moving forward totally with unconditional trust or remain tied to the fear of a certain amount of lack (which we all have to some degree). What I mean by “lack” is those moments of “doubt”.

I see also, that belonging to a community of like minded individuals who would be a support system might be something to consider. There is only one individual in the image with hair and a necklace, and he is standing in front of a pile of stuff than represents the material world.

As with the TAROT sometimes it depends what symbol you resonate with that will give you more information. I am still not positive of the completeness of the message, because I only did a one card draw. But I do have a good gist of the card nevertheless.

GO TO INGRID’S site and get a reading. Select on card and you will see the description in German but you can translate the entire website. with ( You will find it on the link on top of the page called Uber Uns. There are contact numbers and website addies for Ingrid, Peter and etc.

3 thoughts on “Symbolon One card draw

  1. Love the images in this deck – even with little or no astro knowledge the pictures speak volumes. Having said that, I find the cards difficult to shuffle, have to throw them down and swoosh them around.
    Also found them good for divination (fortune telling), they are very adaptable. Most decks are only a tool.

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