Anchor Birds Scythe Rider (again)

I want to take another look at these cards. Over and above the meanings and interpretations I have already done in a few posts about the involvement of these cards -there is more.

I have already established that the meaning I was going to use for the ANCHOR is work, this is not always the case but it is a common contribution to the card.

What I want to address is the BIRDS + SCYTHE. That is definitely news or message that pertains to the work card. The communication was cutting. The Rider says that the message was on it’s way which means it was already decided at the time of this reading.

The cards were forewarning of information that would arrive and it would not be promising. I may have said that in so many ways in the other post and I did take into consideration the column before this one where the clouds etc where. Clouds (King of Clubs) being the man connected to the job.

What happened was that an email did come with a rejection from this King of Clubs, basically the Lady was turned down for a job position. The BIRDS also mean that the Lady’s emotions were played with in this regard and she had no reason to believe by the way the King of Clubs was acting that good news would come.

Clouds + Birds can mean discreet flirting, and gossiping as well. I think that the original reading is excellent for study purposes because “time” has passed, events have happened and it should all be reflected in the card combinations.

One of the most important steps is to check over what you thought the cards meant and what they actually did mean. A whole different perspective of each and every card can be gained by doing this. Yes there are traditional meanings but we (well most of us) do not live traditional lives.

There needs to be a variable. Each card is so much more than it appears.

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