Saturn in 9th house

Is the planet Saturn approaching your 9th house?

For the purpose of this analysis- I will use the 9th house. Saturn is about 18 degrees Leo right now and will enter the sign Virgo on September 3rd, 2007. Wherever the sign of Virgo is situated in your chart, Saturn will highlight that area.

Virgo 9th -You will feel the effects strongly by June. There is a give or take on the degrees of the cusp of the 9th house as well. You could be 25 Leo or 12 Virgo. One feels the energy of Saturn earlier and the other one towards the end of the year. There are many other factors involved in Astrological delineation, not just Saturn.

Jupiter is the lord of the 9th- it expands, Saturn restricts – could be a nice balance.

To keep this post simple to understand, I am discussing Saturn in the 9th house and what that means.

9th House – the major meanings are publishing, long trips, higher education, philosophy, legal matters

Other meanings that come under the 9th house rulership are:

(Be sensible- not to be used to determine medical or legal advice, for study purposes only)

sciatic nerve, liver, hips, femur, thighs, higher education, religion, philosophy, prophecy, foreign people and lands, long distance travel, churches, religion, languages, teachers, study, law, publishing, cultural learning, faith, belief systems

2nd marriage, the brother/sister-in-law, the father’s health, the first born’s 5th house, the second born’s 3rd house, your brother’s/sister’s 7th house

If you have an exact time of birth you can find out out a substantial amount of information from just by looking at 1 house and which planets are transiting it. And as I said before other transits must also be taken in consideration, just like when you read the cards.

Let’s take a look at Saturn. Some of the meanings are:

restriction, limitations, boundaries, responsibilities, tests, the father, authority figures, teachers, commitments, seriousness, work at, slowing down, depression, caution, moderation, practicality

The cusp of the 9th is important as it colors the house attitude towards such things. When these meanings are applied to the meanings of the 9th house, here are some possible interpretations:

-taking up a new course of study, long trips out of necessity and not just for fun, working in or at publishing/media, learning a new philosophy, legal commitments, issues around the father, situations around legal matters, becoming a teacher, tightness in hip or thigh joints, problems involving the brother or sister-in-law, situations involving love, luck & creativity around your 1st born, communication issues or responsibilities of the 2nd born- sibling issues, relationship commitments around your brother or sister.

-older or more experienced people become a drain, 2nd marriage -making that commitment, serious involvement in other cultural or foreign matters, working at your belief system, legal situations should not be pursued unless it involves the expansion of knowledge or philosophies.

The Saturn transit is about 2.5 years and when it is in your 9th house it prepares you for the 10th house of career, reputation, social/public standing. If you do your homework during the 9th house visit you will reap the rewards a few years later.


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