Looking deeper at the card meanings

This layout and step by step interpretation is a fantastic study case because it not only has the analysis but also the facts of what happened- a great way to judge the cards as far as accuracy!

“lady, key, clouds, anchor= the solution to the female’s current thoughts comes through a male, that could be job or work connected”.
THIS INTERPRETATION WAS CORRECT. The SOLUTION (key) was not favorable though (clouds) 2nd last column- in the other post.
“gentleman, clover= another clue *meeting him very shortly within 2-5 days*” THIS ANALYSIS WAS CORRECT. The meeting did occur within the time frame.
(-birds, scythe= serious worries with a “2″) (-scythe,rider= unsettling news is on it’s way) (
anchor- work

birds- brief concerns, 2 people

scythe- unexpected, radical

rider- the message is on its way

Conclusion: Concerns around a job which lead to surprising news. OR. Working 2 jobs which require cleaning up after delivery.) THIS ANALYSIS WAS VERY ACCURATE.

anchor, birds, scythe, rider (from the May 14th layout)

THIS IS THE ACTUAL RESULT = The lady had a lengthy discussion involving solutions (key)to her current dilemma with a man that was work related (clouds, King of Clubs + anchor)

4 days later she received news (rider) from a man (king of clubs) that was in a work situation (anchor). As it turned out, the final discussion, chit chat (birds) ending on a her receiving upsetting or shocking news (birds + scythe). Not shocking as in startling but shocking because it was totally not expected.

Scythe + rider =delivery of news that either abruptly ends any hope of continuance

Looking back at that entire layout it materialized with high accuracy within 1 week. I think the reason for this is because the lady put all her energy into some goal or wish she was absorbed with.


4 thoughts on “Looking deeper at the card meanings

  1. hi my names susan.have you got all full meanings of the lenormand ,cards,you display in your sample readings ,i cannot translate the ones,in another languauge xxx

  2. Hi Susan,
    Yes I do have the full meanings for the Lenormand but I have not posted all the information for the 36 cards.

    Keep checking back and I will do 6 cards at a time. I will start a new category called “Meanings of Lenormand Cards”

  3. In response to this comment- all 36 meanings of the Lenormand and the Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten are now posted. Can be found beneath the Ask my Cards header.
    The Lenormand meanings are applicable to almost all the style including the Mystical Lenormand which has the Astrological symbolism as well.

  4. in a 9 card titania card reading i drew


    for instance the first line
    i’m puzzled: does good news by someone brings an abrupt change in me?
    or does unsettling news brings an abrupt change to a happy state?
    does unsettling news bring an abrupt change but is it for the best?

    i’m new at this and have a hard time interpreting, anyone want to help explain to me how to do this?

    love tia

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