Gipsy Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten – DESIRE

image 2 Gipsy Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten

Gipsy =cigano, zíngaro, циганин, цигански език, Ciganin, ciganski, cikán, cikánka, “zigeuner”, gitana, gitano, kipsi, gitan, bohémienne, bohémien, θειϊκό ασβέστιο, cigány, sígauni, flakkari, zingaro, zingara, Cygan, cigan, цыган, 吉普赛人, ジプシー, 집시

What does desire mean? As with all the cards the symbolism is within the image. To desire is to have a strong feeling or want of something or someone. Desire is about wishing as well, wishing upon a star.

DESIRE is negative when you want someone or something that does not belong to you-
I don’t mean looking at new bedroom furniture and desiring it- that is different.
But if you look at a male or female that is NOT interested in you for one reason or another- it can be obsessive.
It becomes an unhealthy motive to want something. If you want an ice cream, well that can be unhealthy but it is an easy wish. Just go to the store and buy one.

If you are doing a 3 card draw which is one of the most common layouts in the world. The remaining 2 cards will give a good indication why or why not the DESIRE card came up in the first place.

When I see this card, I am reminded of spiritual needs, how about you- what do you see?


+OFFICER= thinking about the one night stand you had, “man in uniform” fantasy
+HOUSE= hoping to change residence, wanting to go home
+DEATH= fatal attraction (in one’s mind), suicidal tendencies

+FIDELITY= a good friend is on your mind, someone is thinking on you
+ECCLESIASTIC= questioning the meaning of life, thinking of confessing
+BABY= wanting to have a baby, wishing you weren’t pregnant
+THIEF= look out -your heart will be stolen
+CONSTANCY= wondering why everything is so boring

+HOPE= stuck in dreamland, pinch yourself a few times to get back on this earth
+ENEMY= desperate & dateless, abnormal attraction to the “bad boy” or “bad girl”

+MISFORTUNE= fear phobias
+WIDOWER= wondering if your father is doing alright, thinking about a funeral

+LOVER= he wants you too
+SWEETHEART= she is out there somewhere, focus on love
+MONEY= law of attraction


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