The Terrible Tower card

Gosh I hate seeing the Tarot Tower card in an important reading.
I know that the Tower has blessings within it and I can relate to the structure of the actual tower in the image.
But darn it all, when you look around and see the catastrophic possibilities of the jolt of lightning that knocks you off your “ego pedestal”- it does send a shock wave through you entire essence.

Yes it purges, and eliminates all that is not necessary as the Lenormand Scythe does BUT it still puts you in a walking on quick sand state of mind.

When I did this reading – the warning was there. Even though the immediate future card was the Star (hope, etc) and the outcome card was the wonderful Ace of Cups – I still felt the ripple effect of a decision someone else made where I had no control.

The question is how to take the experience of the Tower card and move on into the pending Ace of Cups. A new beginning on an emotional level.

I am starting to think that the re-invention of oneself is necessary. It is a hurdle to get past the residue effects of the Tower card and stop and look at life differently. It is the next stage of Spiritual development.

When the Universe blocks you from moving into a direction that you feel you must, then it is not in the highest good of all concerned. It is not part of the bigger Plan. This requires a substantial amount of faith and trust (as depicted in the Star card).

I got news 2x that shattered (Tower) my belief system. It just isn’t working any more and it is time to tear down the “ego’s” I want this and I want that. I have found many people going through a similar transformation, people close to me and people I do not know personally but through the internet, my internet friends.

I think a shift is happening and we are getting caught in the movement of the shift.


What is the significance of the Tower in the crowning position?
Of course, a rude awakening. The cards traditional meaning is one of destruction, collapse of structure (thinking), or a sudden jolt of experience that was not anticipated.

At first when I saw this card, I became troubled by it but as I studied card 6, the immediate future spot I had an extremely positive card. Can the manifestation of the Tower card be avoided? If it an a probable outcome, then it is possible. I think that the probable outcome happens anyways and so does the final outcome. Card 6 leads to the probable outcome.

How you handle card 6 is indicative of how you get through the crowning cards and in this case it is the Tower card.

The last, or final outcome card is the Ace of Cups, always a welcome card. It points to new beginnings. Being it is a cup, the new experience is on an emotional level. Getting excited about something again. A re-birthing of feelings and that is good.

In order to greet the Ace of Cups, the Tower must be lived through. It could be a riveting experience.

The Tower paves the way, for the Ace of Cups. Old and negative thought patterns must be eliminated. How can you honestly feel a new positive emotion, for example- happiness or love if you have shadows of negative mixed in with it.

There is definitely some dramatic and profound change coming.

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