tree, bouquet, stork


Tips to keeping interpretations  SIMPLE when you are beginning to learn the Lenormand style cards.

Of course, there are more complex traditional meanings to the tree, bouquet, stork cards as well as modern keywords. 

tree- general health, something being rooted, CHI

bouquet- queen of spades, gift, receiving admiration, older dark haired female

stork- change, progressing, queen of hearts, family connected female

2 queens depict a conversation going on that will bring about a change

tree, and bouquet have a common bond, they grow in the ground and are manifestations of the goddess energy

tree and bouquet = very good friends

stork= transporting something from or to something =transfer

Possible interpretations

-there will be changes (stork) in the health (tree) of the Queen of Spades (bouquet)

-there will be changes in the friendship between these 2 women

-general well being has good grounding but still need more (stork)

-a dark haired female (bouquet) really likes the queen of hearts (stork)

– 2 females in a long term relationship

-2 sisters that have become much closer

Work related question.

You will certainly be considered for the position. The interviewer will be a female and she will like you, as a result of this your current work status will change or begin to progress in the direction you want -favorable (ends in heart).

Money related question.

You financial situation shows improvement due to the efforts of another female that has a more practical approach. Yes your partnership will flourish and it has a good foundation.

Love related question.

if male – you have 2 woman around you that are completely different, the dark haired female you have known for quite some time. The queen of hearts has a crush on you but she may be your girlfriends sister or best friend.

if female- you bet there is another woman involved but not in a threatening way. Don’t worry she will move away.

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