Steps in a reading Lenormand

French Cartomancy deck

Starting from the vertical line where the Lady is situated and reading the cards beneath her.

lady- the female getting the reading, she has no significant other male partner

moon-the feeling, intuitive

child- a new situation just happened (now column), possible kid

book- to be revealed or she doesn’t know yet

Conclusion: the lady has learned about a situation which affects her emotionally but she hasn’t got all the details yet.


key- solutions are coming real soon, feeling secure

sun- optimism, happiness

gentleman- not her husband, boyfriend, lover because she does not have one. This card will then represent an unknown male at this point until other cards are factored.

clover- a time card within 3-5 days, some luck

Conclusion: The situation the lady learned about has to do with a solution to an issue that will come from a male within the next few day that looks promising.


clouds- a man, passing irritations

heart- matters of an emotional nature, a young man

mouse- slow process, being patient

tree- vitality, health

Conclusion: A man who is closely connected to this female will have a decline in health. OR.

There is uncertainty around a young man who has stomach problems.


anchor- work

birds- brief concerns, 2 people

scythe- unexpected, radical

rider- the message is on its way

Conclusion: Concerns around a job which lead to surprising news. OR. Working 2 jobs which require cleaning up after delivery.

This by no means is the end of the interpretation. Horizontal cards need to be analyzed in the same simple fashion. Then comes the blending.

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