Steps continued


More combinations to consider. Lets look at the block of cards around the HEART.




heart, mouse= eroding process on an emotional level, a love returns

heart, birds= passing love affair, romantic fluttering of the heart

heart, scythe= emotional grief

heart, anchor= passion for work or a job

clouds, heart= minor emotional agitations

key, heart= feeling secure in emotional issues

sun, heart= warm feelings

gentleman, heart= unknown male at this point

With all these combos to consider all at once (and that is not all of them either), some sort of synthesis needs to take place. The cards to left of the card are strong and positive. The cards to the right are more negative and the clouds above and mouse below are negative.

Lets look at the block of cards around the gentleman next, to see if we can find out more about him.




moon, gentleman= indicated a sensitive person, possibly emotionally detached

child, gentleman= emotions that are not yet developed, a child and their father

book, gentleman= here’s the clue * the female has not met this man yet or seen him in a long time* so he will still be revealed

sun, gentleman= generally feeling good

gentleman, clover= another clue *meeting him very shortly within 2-5 days*

gentleman, heart= could be a romantic attraction

gentleman, mouse= another clue *a man comes back*, a very stressed person

gentleman, tree= can be a life partner, rooting in family, a man who is not well- time card up to 9 months

Now we have gained more on the gentleman and we already have the information on the heart block of cards.

The female of the reading will encounter a man that she either does not know and be attracted to him or she hasn’t seen him in a while and finds out that there is no love connection with them at all.

She will meet someone else through a work situation or opportunity king of clubs, clouds + anchor.

book, clover, tree, rider- knowing what do so far, the suggestions with these cards (and keep in mind all the cards in their columns) =there will be information or unfolding of a situation within the next few days up to 1 week that involves some findings around someone’s health.

The tree, mouse= is a slow but progressive illness. These 2 cards touch the gentleman card as well as scythe, rider. Could this gentleman be someone she does know? And could what is being revealed, be a potential health problem? And is it the health issue that returns?

-tree, scythe= cutting something out of the body, pain is involved

-scythe,rider= unsettling news is on it’s way

-tree,rider= relaying a message of discovery

-birds, scythe= serious worries with a “2”

-heart, scythe= is this a heart attack?

On the brighter side of the Scythe, removals are necessary and part of every cycle.





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