The study of the Lenormand or Gipsy Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten are much in the same when you read them-
The key is your synthesis ability.

I find the Gipsy cards (example below) full of intrigue & mystery because you can give any meaning to them as long as you are consistent in keeping the same meanings + reflecting the actual image- the reading will work.

tuga.jpg Zalost (Slovenian) – sadness

The Sadness card can have a different meaning other than sadness (an emotion/feeling). It is a state of mind – an approach to circumstanes.
This is important to remember.
She doesn’t look that sad to me. She looks like she has gained a lot of weight and is hiding it with her long flowing dress. Sure that would make anyone sad for a brief time, but you can do something about it.

There is another kind of sadness. The kind of emotion when you lose something or someone dear to you. You feel unhappy and it hurts. The hurt influences how you see things in general.

Whenever the Sadness card shows up near the Sweetheart or Lover cards, the person depicted by those cards is experiencing some sorrow especially if Sadness is above or below. It will always be the Now column in the Large board layout which uses all 36 cards. Above- is current and Below- is immediate.

If Sadness is behind or after the 2 significator/person getting the reading has this experience in the past or they are approaching a situation the will toy with their emotions. (in the large board of 36 cards)

There are positive aspects to the Sadness card. You are “feeling” an emotion and you are not indifferent or numb, and that is a good thing in itself.


2 thoughts on “Sadness-

  1. Hi Branwen,
    That deck does look familiar. I wouldn’t mind having it myself because I prefer the simpler imaged decks. Thanks for the link.
    European sellers have such great cards.

    If you go to the link called 5,500 card deck (the link under LINKS to interesting people) you will find at least 2 dozen Lenormand style cards as well as other oracle cards.

    Most of them are identified by publisher & year.

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