2. Lenormand Clover

(permission to use image with credit to Madame Seaqueen)


If you drew the CLOVER card as your card of the day, put your mind at ease and go with the flow.
It will be a day that will progress quickly. Not many delays today. Messages and news will arrive in time without much effort.

You might win some money on a scratch lottery ticket- Not a huge amount but a win nevertheless.
If you are wondering how your date will turn out later in the day – it will be wonderful but might be cut short for some reason. It’s the quality of time versus the quantity that matters.

Yes you will get that second interview that you are thinking about.
Your mood will change suddenly so that you are more optimistic and have a good feeling of general well being.

You find extra minutes on the parking meter. You show up for an appointment, and are taken before your scheduled time.
Your creativity will increase rapidly. You find yourself thinking about how you have been blessed & how lucky you are.

Test results will be favorable or to your advantage. Music fills your ears as you open up to the band that is playing.

CLOVER is your mini good karma card.

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