Question from the comment section?

“Hello, sorry i fact i wanted to ask you to help me understand what is the card`s message. The first card was the message, the second was the house, the third car the Widower, the forth card The Thought, the fifth card the Anger. Thank you very very much.
By the way the question i had in mind was whether I will marry my actual boyfriend.”



These are the SUGGESTED meanings for the Gipsy Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten cards in the image using the 5 card spread.

MESSAGE- this card indicates that news or information is around that has contributed doubt. Good idea to think about what is going on and that could be the reason the question is being asked.

HOUSE- this card suggests that home is important and the stability of a family. Emotional bonding is wanted as well.

WIDOWER- sometimes this card represents a father or a man that is without a partner. Another meaning of this card is that a person feels lonely and not totally connected.

THOUGHT- in the 3 month spot, this card points to serious thinking at that time, maybe end of July or August. Time for a decision to make plans.

ANGER – this card is self-explanatory. It describes emotions and feelings. Also arguments and disagreements.

There is no evidence in these cards of marriage but that is not to say it won’t happen. This layout is only about 3 months.

Even if another layout was used – the final card is ANGER, which is not exactly a happy card. It stresses annoyances. This will pass, it can be mostly play fighting with words which is very common when 2 people love each other. Some people communicate like this, other people whisper and do not raise their voice.


HOUSE, MESSAGE, THOUGHT -these 3 cards suggest thinking about a change of residence.

WIDOWER, MESSAGE, ANGER -these 3 cards suggest an older man might be influencing the situation. Is it a father? or some prominent member of a family?

In summary, there has been something going on that is troubling you and you are not feeling as solid in the relationship as you did before. The connection might be going through a cooling stage (which is normal) and because of this doubts arise. Has something happened to cause these changes? Even though ANGER is the ending card, don’t forget that sometimes we have to fight to get what we want OR to keep it.

There are many other ways to look at these cards. Your question is important to you but if you were upset when you picked the cards- the cards will not answer your question, they will reflect your state of mind at the time of the shuffling. This happens sometimes. Emotions are very strong and emotions can take over.

For example, if you are driving a car while upset (which by law we are not suppose to, it impairs our judgement like alcohol), your reflexes may not be the same as when you are in a relatively “normal” mood. The same is for cards, your reflexes in choosing the cards are influenced by your emotions..

….The results of this reading are for study and research purposes only…..only with feedback can the accuracy be established as far as the suggested meanings and possible combinations…..

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