Letter & Clouds Lenormand

In the last post I stated……..
“LETTER & CLOUDS suggest some communication that will happen within a short period of time that could be unsettling. Usually when the CLOUDS are beside the significator/querent card (lady or gentleman) the person is worried about something. A general overcast feeling. ”

As it turned out there was a message/news that came that was very disappointing and it was not directly from a man but from a person in a position of authority, King of Clubs (as Kings sometimes are).

The message put a damper on a goal/wish CLOUDS & STARS.

The fact that parts of this reading materialized within a day or so of the “simple situation layout” reading really startled me because I was not expecting this message.

In the same layout using the Beidermeier cards, the THIEF & ENEMY cards were looming over the SWEETHEART heart. In that layout the SWEETHEART card was turned away from these cards. That is in line totally with the fact that I
(SWEETHEART) did not anticipate this disappointing message. Nothing serious. But nevertheless -connected to the MERRIMENT card – SWEETHEART was perhaps a little too sure, and was not seeing the “theft” of a hope that she soon would experience.

As I think about the “simple situation layout” – the cards described the situation in black and white, it was as plain as day.

The connection I made with the Tarot HANGED MAN was right on to some degree because I was not looking at the obvious possibility because I was wrapped around too much optimism for this one goal to manifest successfully -and it didn’t, well not now anyways.

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