“simple situation layout” Sample

To demonstrate the “simple situation layout” using the Biedermeier Aufshchlagkarten by PIATNIK (32 of the cards are identical to the Gipsy Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten & similar to the Art Deco fortune telling cards) I asked the question-

What is it I should know about the next 2 weeks.


CONSTANCY – positive card
This card tells me that I am thinking about things that are pretty much routine (no specific question asked) and have a sense of “sameness”. It is a card about a continuous flow of events.

MERRIMENT-positive card, THIEF-negative card
Two cards of opposition. Although there is a moderate sense of happiness (MERRIMENT)- the THIEF card points to stolen happiness in this case. Perhaps a misplaced trust that things of a routine nature (a general question) are NOT as unchanging as I think they are. The THIEF card got me thinking that the happiness and joy depicted by the MERRIMENT card will be of a short nature and by the end of the two weeks something will come up to “rock the boat”.

ENEMY- negative card
Oh lovely, this card points to an unexpected and unforeseen turn of events. It could be news or information that will definitely weaken the positive meanings of CONSTANCY & MERRIMENT.

The ENEMY card is a warning no matter which way you look at it. Comparing the THIEF card and the ENEMY card in combination, the suggestion here is very negative, in reference to the CONSTANCY & MERRIMENT cards because the indication of those two cards is of being in a steady good mood. The two negative cards send the message that the steady good mood will change due to a circumstance that comes “out of the blue”.

The ENEMY card can actually be a person that “steals” THIEF the happiness MERRIMENT and continuity CONSTANCY of the ways things are right now. I am reading these cards more in a figurative way because that is my gut feeling on them.

One more observation, the SWEETHEART lady is looking at towards CONSTANCY & MERRIMENT, she has her back turned on the THIEF & ENEMY cards.

Both the MERRIMENT & THIEF cards are important in the NOW spot. The fact that the SWEETHEART is facing away from the THIEF card suggests something is definitely going on simultaneously that she (me) is not aware of. I had to stop and think about this for awhile and now that I have, I will have meditate on the TAROT HANGED MAN to gain more insight.

There are some very good questions to ask myself.
And you should do the same if you try this “simple situation layout” especially if the cards are totally opposite or contradictory. Sometimes we see life in one way, from one perspective and miss the totality of what is going on around us.

Am I not seeing something? Is my back turned on some reality of a situation? Will I be caught “off guard”? What’s going on behind my back? Is someone stealing something from me, taking it without my permission? Have I misplaced my trust? Do I smell a rat? Does someone not really want me to be happy? Why will my serenity be disturbed?

Because I have done this layout today, I will now pay attention to what is going on around me because I do have a few projects on the go and a few situations where I am waiting for answers. The depiction in the cards suggests “don’t get you hopes up too high”.

Time will tell, as in 2 weeks of time and that will be May 20th. NOW I AM REALLY CURIOUS.

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