Lenormand in “simple situation layout”

I asked the same question “what is it I need to know about the next 2 weeks” using the French Cartomancy Lenormand deck. Usually all card systems work together.

I did this layout after asking the Hanged Man Tarot for guidance. Take a look at the Lady card (me), she is looking right at the CLOUD card and has her back on the SUN card. Interesting, eh. Wonder if my perspective already changed?

Simple Situation Layout

PAST, SUN-positive
The theme of the question is about general outlook on life, a happy approach.

NOW, LETTER-neutral & CLOUDS-negative
Here we have a bit more detail. A form of communication or message is a factor, which might cause some annoyances and a shift in attitude or direction of a situation.

FUTURE, STARS-positive
This is a card of wishful thinking to some degree and the fulfillment of something important. Because the CLOUDS card is above the STARS- it points to a wish connected to a man, King of Clubs.

LETTER & CLOUDS suggest some communication that will happen within a short period of time that could be unsettling. Usually when the CLOUDS are beside the significator/querent card (lady or gentleman) the person is worried about something. A general overcast feeling. The King of Clubs is facing the Lady, and that means it is the lighter side of the clouds (overcast feeling will pass quickly). However, the bottom of the CLOUDS card which is the darkness is above the STARS card casting a cloudy influence over a wish or to something of importance.

In brief summary, this reading is very similar to the one done with the Beidermeier deck. And the gist of the reading is the same too with the exception that we got a bit more information LETTER & KING OF CLUBS.

Another meaning of the CLOUDS & STARS is feeling under the weather as in dizzy. How would the HANGED MAN reading tie into all of this. Well, if it is about taking a risk or facing a fear- pursuing ones dreams (STARS) is a risk and the CLOUDS can be fears, when we have one of those days were we cannot see the bright side of things.

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