Ask the Hanged Man for Another Perspective.

In continuation with the last post demonstrating the “simple situation” layout using the Beidermeier cards I was directed to ask the Tarot Hanged Man for more insights because of the nature of that reading.

I shuffled the entire deck (while thinking in what area do I need to change my perspective) of 78 cards of the Tarot and cut the deck 3 times and back on one pile.
I dealt the cards until I came across the Hanged Man. I removed the card before and after the Hanged Man and lay them out side by side to study them.

I was drawn to the 1990 Connolly Tarot Deck (I’ve read most of Eileen’s books) for some reason.

And this is the result of this exercise.

9 of wands, Hanged Man, 9 of pentacles
Interesting 2 9’s.

Numerological symbolism -9’s are about endings, bringing things to close, tying up loose ends before a completion.

In what area do I need to change my perspective, was the question on my mind and only because the THIEF & ENEMY cards showed in the “simple situation layout” in the previous post. Not really change my perspective, more like what am I not seeing as well.

The 9 of Wands tells me I am on guard, also and it hints at me standing behind what I think, to protect “my space” (constancy, merriment). When you combine the 9 of wands with the Hanged Man- the message is “loosen up” and don’t be so defensive. Ahhh that makes good sense.

The 9 of Pentacles tells me that I am self-contained (depend on myself) and also hints at spending too much time alone (ain’t that the truth, a tad Bohemian, I am). Coupled with the Hanged Man, the suggestion here is to get out of “my space” (constancy, merriment), out of “head” so to speak. And that means you are not in your comfort zone.

When you do that you open the door to the THIEF & ENEMY cards. So where do they fit into this?

One way to look at this is, if I don’t loosen up and get out of my head or totally depending on myself I will not open the doors to other opportunites such as the THIEF & ENEMY card’s meaning. Well that doesn’t sound like a good move to me, ha-ha-ha.

THIEF & ENEMY can represent fear. Perfect! That’s the answer. FACE YOUR FEARS.

Back to the original question….. What is it I should know about the next 2 weeks? Looks like I will be taking some RISK by facing some FEARS. And that is a good thing.

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