#8 The Coffin


and PETIT LENORMAND by B.P. Grimaud (Made in France, 1976)


The Mystical Lenormand #8 card COFFIN is rich in symbolism. In the upper right hand corner you will see the Roman Numeral VIII which represents the 8th house (Scorpio) in the Astrological wheel. The 8th house deals with death & endings as well as numerous other topics. The portrayal of the Coffin is stunning and not spooky at all. It has a feel of eloquence and honor to it. The two cobras on each side at the bottom of the cards suggest renewal as well. The winged scarab is a talisman that was used by the Egyptians during funeral rights- dying with dignity.

The Petit Lenormand is quite picturesque in that the 9 of diamonds is on the top left hand corner, the number 8 le cercueil, the coffin in the upper right corner of the card as well as several scenes in the bottom of on the remainder of the card. It is depicted as a negative card because in the Petit Lenormand by B..P. Grimaud, pink represents good and white represents bad or negative. The meaning written on the card states “delay, hindrances, worries, action, quarrel, temporary drawback, loss, seperation (which is misspelled)”.

I have noticed that in this Petit Lenormand deck, published in 1976 the meanings reflect the standard cards more than the common pictorial cards. Each of these 36 cards also has a different flower on the bottom of the card in the center, which I do not have extensive knowledge of.

What does the Coffin card mean in a layout?

-it is the announcement of an ending
-something is finished
-time to say good-bye
-can be health related in a negative way
-sealing up
-no use beating a dead horse
-early stages of re-birthing into another direction
-let it go

In combination.
coffin + anchor = possible illness that has set in on a serious level
coffin + fox = lack of work, taking a leave a absence, job position being re-categorized
coffin + park = hospital, medical facility
coffin + sun = a good recovery, a healing, a reunion

lady+ coffin + gentleman + scythe = it’s a dead end connection which will be terminated suddenly
coffin + heart + sun = don’t lose hope because it can work out
rider + coffin + sun = news which was appeared negative at first, is a blessing in disguise

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