Tip on #6 Clouds

tip-on-clouds-_6.jpg Obnubilate

Most of the Lenormand decks depict the Clouds card in an easy, identifiable manner. The French Cartomancy deck is a little tougher to figure out. It looks like a full sky of clouds, roughly the same shading.

The King of Clubs is factored in my perception that is illustrated in the above image. He faces towards the lighter side of the clouds, his back is on the darker side of the clouds and the top & bottom are easy to figure out.

The Clouds always pass and sometimes you can get caught in a heavy down pour in the midst of it all.

In life situations, you get “drenched” temporarily but have options.
-you dry yourself off as in lick your own wounds
-change into dry clothing as in change your attitude about the whole thing
-enjoy the rain as in look at it as a cleansing & healing experience

5 thoughts on “Tip on #6 Clouds

  1. dear Madame Seaqueen,
    I would need your help to understand this card.All the time I have trouble with The Clouds card.I use French deck,the lighter side is on the left,the darker side on the right.
    I did 5 cards spread for a friend and this card was the last one.

    KEY+ Bouquet+ Letter+ Fish+ Clouds

    the question was : “Will I get married with X.?”

    it bothers me the last card because I really don’t know if I should interpret in a positive way according the direction of the brighter side of the card.If I would follow this rule than I would say this girl will get married with X.All problems will dissipate and she will get her desire especially that The Key card appears in the spread but also it mirrors the Clouds card.
    Can you help me with this?
    thank you

  2. thank you very much.I’m deeply fond about the way how you explain the cards since I discovered your blog 2 years ago.

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