Gipsy card- ENEMY

Today I found myself meditating on the Gipsy card (Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten) ENEMY. I chose this card as my one card daily draw, not intentionally of course- at random.

A bunch of questions flooded to me about the course of the fulfillment of today’s activities or projects.

My eyes went directly to what the man was holding in his hand and was wondering if he had anything in his pocket as well being his hand was in it. It looks like it could be the tip of an umbrella in his left hand or a walking stick. Maybe you see something else. We all see different things in the cards.

He certainly does not look threatening, in fact he looks like a dashing gentleman dressed in a tuxedo. How could this man symbolize an enemy?

As a daily card, it would suggest that all is not as it seems. Perhaps living in an illusion and that in itself is an enemy to reality.

The message of the ENEMY card is to think over any plans, making sure you have everything you need at hand- (or in your pocket so to speak). Maybe you will find yourself exploring areas that you are not accustom to and those explorations could be within yourself too.

The dark alleys of your own mind- where you fight all those negative emotions such as fear or self-defeating attitude.

Applicable to Art Deco- Sibilla style cards.


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