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One Response to “Never give up HOPE”

  1. Thank you for your comments about never giving up hope, Madame Seaqueen, it’s such an appropriate topic for these times. This is the first occasion I’ve had to visit your website, and it’s absolutely wonderful! I love the work you’re doing. I especially enjoy looking at the lovely images of your cards. When I look at Jeu de la Fortune, however, I am not seeing a trident… it’s an anchor, isn’t it? If it is an anchor, I think it’s there to remind us that we need something to hold on to during difficult times, and that’s what hope is: an anchor. We would be lost to sea without it (anyway, I would be). When I look at these cards, I think of this woman, waiting for her man to come home from sea, not knowing whether he will or not, not having any control over the situation, just hoping.
    Thanks again.
    Madam NemoMadam Nemo – May 1st, 2007 at 9:01 am

Thank you very much for your comments.

I like your perception on the anchor and I’m glad that you shared your view on it. Yes I realize that it is an anchor and on the day of writing that post I was more inclined to think it was a trident. Sometimes I see things beyond the pictures and when I meditated on the cards I felt a strong feeling of Neptune within the card.

Hope is such a powerful emotion that without it, we would certainly give up. It is so easy to lose hope these days, I know I have on several occasions when hit with some traumatic situation. But through it all – I manage to tap into the energy of hope because I believe that there are Hope Beings out in the Universe that lift us up just in time.

The Star card in Tarot is about hope, too.  1star.jpg

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