Question about job?

I got this email today with the following question, from a young lady that I know very well.

14, 23, 22

“tell me something about work”

I selected the cards that correspond to the numbers and you can see them in the image below.

And here are the key phrases that I emailed to the person. (not even knowing the question)

-a lie
-false information
-a confession
-a retraction
-wrong timing
-less money
-inability to decide
-in 7 weeks
-a cancellation without notice
-act now
-other people’s errors

And this is what I asked, “Did you have a question in mind. These numbers all point to some information that is not correct or if you base a decision on something you have just heard, it is not exactly as good as it sounds.”

As a result the following email question was sent to me.

“My question is whats going on with the CSR role here at work 3, 8, 14”

Mlle. Lenormand No. 1941 deck

This was my interpretation in point form that I sent in the email to the young lady.
-an end
-abrupt or sudden halt
-breach of trust & confidentiality

“Not promising cards in regards to your question.”
-as an afterthought, I heard the words “wrongful dismal”

The next question was as follows.
“What’s the time frame???”
hard to say, I think 7 weeks or so, cause that time frame showed up in the other numbers.
8 & 14 together means layoff, dismissal, or end of position
however #8 always points to something new after that.

#3 points to an abrupt decision

The abrupt decision is because one of the meanings of #3 ship is a business and followed by #8 coffin, this suggests an abrupt ending to business profits. The employer would eliminate or terminate positions within a company that were not financially feasible to support the profit margin.

This happens all the time in the work place. When I analyzed these cards I felt the young lady would no longer be working in the position she was asking about.

I found this hard to relay to the person because it is NOT good news.

I will track this reading as to the developments in the near future surrounding the circumstances around her question.

I determined 7 weeks because she has chosen 3 other cards prior to even asking the question which are at the beginning of this post entry. The Queen of Diamonds, #22 The Path sometimes represents 7 weeks of time.

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