Never give up HOPE

Beidermeier 1904 Cartomancy Deck.
Jeu de la Fortune.

hope.jpg hope1.jpg

What does it mean to have hope?
What is hope?

SIBILLA Oracle card Hope by Lo Scarabeo.

Is it an expectation or desire for a favorable outcome? You don’t really hope that something “bad” or unpleasant will happen.

When the Hope card comes up in a reading the message is not to give up on a person or situation. Hope is a feeling as depicted by the water in the background. The trident in the woman’s hand only has 2 points so it is not really a trident but I think it was meant to be. The symbolism of a trident is Neptune, god of water. Ruler of Pisces, a water sign.

The feeling I get from the Beidermeier & Sibilla hope cards that the woman is totally grounded (feet on earth). She is not being unrealistic about her hope.

2 thoughts on “Never give up HOPE

  1. Thank you for your comments about never giving up hope, Madame Seaqueen, it’s such an appropriate topic for these times. This is the first occasion I’ve had to visit your website, and it’s absolutely wonderful! I love the work you’re doing. I especially enjoy looking at the lovely images of your cards. When I look at Jeu de la Fortune, however, I am not seeing a trident… it’s an anchor, isn’t it? If it is an anchor, I think it’s there to remind us that we need something to hold on to during difficult times, and that’s what hope is: an anchor. We would be lost to sea without it (anyway, I would be). When I look at these cards, I think of this woman, waiting for her man to come home from sea, not knowing whether he will or not, not having any control over the situation, just hoping.
    Thanks again.
    Madam Nemo

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