gipsy Death cards







Pretty creepy looking cards. So what does the death card mean?
Notice that the Beidermeier and Art Deco cards have an image of a scythe suggesting A PERMANENT SEVERANCE.
The Zigeuner death card has an image of an hour glass suggesting TIME IS RUNNING OUT.

I find this an interesting difference. I would have thought that the Beidermeier & Zigeuner would have been identical, since they are identical with the exception that one has 32 cards and one has 36 cards, respectively.

The obvious meanings are that there is an end to something. It can be the end of a relationship, a job, a dream, a plan, a goal etc. It can be the end of worry, also.

With death there are always new beginnings and new opportunities.

Things HAVE to END so that new cycles begin. Endings happen all the time. Things do not go on and on. An aspect or part of a situation always ends even though the totality of the situation remains the same.

It is like shutting the door on something once and for all. Many times we slam the door shut ourselves and many times other people slam the door in our face (ouch).

It is written by many that the Death card even in Tarot depicts transformation. I really doubt that when the original cards were created that fortune tellers said you were going to have a big transformation or change. That thought makes me laugh.
I think they just came out and said, someone was going to die and would have been quite dramatic about it- spooking the person out even more who was getting their cards done.
Picture yourself back in the 1800’s – getting a reading in a back alley, or in a gipsy wagon, or a parlor -there was lots of mystery around those who read cards. None of this psychological analysis which we incorporate now-a-days.

When you see the “Gipsy” Death Card be forewarned that CLOSURE has (past), is (present) and will (future) happen.
Keep in mind that the Death card is also a death.


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