Lenormand PARK, Art Deco PARTY

PIATNIK Mlle. Lenormand Cartomancy No. 194115, the PARK and the Art Deco Wahrsagekarten, the PARTY have some similarities.parkparty.jpg Both these cards describe social situations.

When one is at a party, one usually puts the public face forward, the face of confidence. Therefore, you can deduce that confidence is one of the keywords that can be used.A party can be a situation like going to an art gallery, music concert, anniversary celebration, birthday party ETC.

#20, the park or garden card is situated outside.The party card is situated indoors. If you look real close at the Art Deco card, it could very well be located at an outdoor porch or gazebo. This is where the imagination comes into play.

The lady sitting on the bench or couch in the PARTY card could very well have sat on the bench in the PARK card, the only thing missing is the cushion.So what do these cards mean when they show up in a reading. The PARTY card leaves no mystery to it, it is all about social interaction at some event. The PARK card gives a similar impression.There is a feeling for the love of nature in the PARK card, everything is blooming and full of life. As in party situations, usually they are lively and fun.Both these cards can suggest a fancy and formal event. The people in the PARTY card are dressed in formal attire, is it an engagement or wedding? You get the feeling of high class as well.

The PARK card would represent social circles where formal attire may be a prerequisite as well.Can’t imagine these people having a hot dog barbque, lol.You can probably find other correlations with these two decks as with most of the European oracle cards.

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