#1 The baby


The baby. Art Deco Wahrsagekarten & Gipsy Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten

There are some common sense meanings to the baby-card. What does a baby represent to you?

Here are some key phrases for Baby, Bambino, Kind, Bebe, Gyermek, Dijete, Bimbo (haha, I like that one)
-If you picked Baby as your one card daily draw, you can expect to have a refreshing day.
-There can be issues involving an actual child.
-You could start a new job today.
-It could be a day of fun and games, nothing too serious.
-Playing with the child within.
-Don’t make a major decision you do not have all the facts.
-Try nurturing yourself for a change.
-Grow up and stop acting like a kid.
-A great new idea.


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