Lady+Coffin and Lady+Mountain

I found this Lenormand card combination in a layout I was studying recently.

#29 The Lady facing #21 The mountain
#29 The Lady above #8 The coffin

The Lady represents YOU, your female seeker of cards
OR your girlfriend, significant other female relationship if you are a MALE.

In many cases there is NO significant other such as girlfriend, wife, lover etc…….the lady would then represent any female that you (the male) have a connection with that would be of significance to a certain degree. A pet? perhaps.

The lady faces the mountain.
-something comes up to put an problem or obstacles in the way of direct accomplishment, that would be your traditional interpretation and a point to get started.
The questions you need to ask yourself is the involvement of the #1 Rider card.
Is this obstacle or problem something that the lady must deliver in a message to someone else?
Is she going to travel in the near future and have some delays and difficulties on the road?

If the mountain represents a situation that needs to be solved or broken down into segments that can be understood, will the news of the rider do this? The mountain is solid, you cannot go through it you CAN go around it or CLIMB it. Many mountains have roads. In the case of the image in the French Cartomancy deck which strikingly similar to the The Carreras Fortune Telling Cards published in 1926 – the mountain is pretty barren and looks like it would not be easy to climb.

The lady is above the coffin.
-traditionally the coffin is about endings, the finalization of a situation but always there is a hint of new beginnings by the adjoining card.
-what else does the coffin mean?

Usually there is a body inside a coffin or the purpose of a coffin is to “hold” the deceased. Is the lady “holding” something within that needs to be voiced or delivered (rider)?

It looks like a situation is closed off this this lady. Both the mountain and the coffin suggest that whatever situation she is going through will require great effort(mountain) or acceptance(coffin).

On this deck, the cloth is on the left of the coffin and the right side is not covered, suggesting that a new idea or beginning will happen soon as the rider card is a card indicating something that is on it’s way already.

Of course, those are all symbolic interpretations. Images or pictures are worth a thousand words. Maybe to you, a coffin means something horrible, to someone else it means a wooden box, to another person it means a type of transportation from this world to the next.

To me, I get the feeling that this lady just can’t seem to move forward that fast but will decide on a course of action because the rider card is a supporting influence encouraging her to ‘GET PAST OR GET OVER IT’.

The coffin + rider can suggest news in the past about a situation around the lady presented her with a problem or DEAD END.

Another interesting observation is that there is a way. Looking at these four cards, the lady is right beside the rider card in the diagonal row right between the coffin and mountain. She will find a way, perhaps some middle ground or compromise to put the whole situation behind her.

When you study the traditional meanings, and keywords and your own gut feeling you can come up with many more meanings than I have.

Reading cards is based on traditional as a foundation, somewhere to start. It is not necessary to approach interpretations this way.

So what would be the non-traditonal approach to reading these cards? Food for Thought.

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