French Cartomancy Lenormand


When you see a layout like the one below you, immediately locate the Lady or Gentleman card to get you bearings.
After you have done that, read the VERTICAL row that it occupies.
The row is the NOW spot. Any cards to the left are past and any cards to the right are future.

Locate the themes such as WORK, LOVE, MONEY, TRAVEL, etc and read the cards carefully around those.
I just finished interpreting this layout for a middle aged male. Before I begin summarizing the major situations in this reading, I need to really meditate of some of those cards surrounding the GENTLEMAN card because what I see, is not something I even want to mention. LOL. What if I am totally off the mark??

How will I know if I am accurate – this middle aged man will not confide such a thing to me- I know that for sure.

I want to mention one thing though, sometimes people have problems in a relationship/marriage and they do not recognize it as a problem, and think it is just the normal way of communicating.

There is great stress between this middle aged man and his lady/wife. Notice that the WHIP card is between them on a diagonal line. Vertical Rows 2, 3, 4. Without a doubt they are fighting or having some heated discussion about something going on just recently.

The WHIP and SCYTHE point to some brutal conversation filled with anger.
Notice the PATH card (QUEEN OF DIAMONDS) right next to the right of the gentleman card.
Yes, a decision awaits him but it could also be another married or committed woman (PATH & RING). Or you can read this as, the gentleman is married (ring) or belongs in a relationship, however the tower card sometimes depicts loneliness despite one’s connection in a relationship whether they are married, living together or going steady.

More times than not RING & TOWER point to separation, or taking separate paths which minimizes (MICE) the strength of the relationship in question.

These days relationships take on whole new meanings. Such as, together but living apart.

When you present this type of information to the person getting the reading- they will not always admit they are having problems, to you or to themselves for that matter. But it is shown in the cards.


Just out of curiosity when you see someone having an extra-marital affair whether it is physical or not- DO YOU MENTION IT?? This becomes a real challenge because sometimes people are emotionally connected and have not had closure for one reason or another and EVEN though they are not together- the emotional link can show up in the card combinations.

4 thoughts on “French Cartomancy Lenormand

  1. how long does it take for something to be ready for change? Give the tarot a break: this is aquarius – begin aquarius with Rainring – cards for a new age, exploration of psyche – where else go but within?

  2. That’s a deep question. I am starting to believe that before something is ready for a change, it has to have gone to a completion. The completion is sometimes destructive and sometimes a long slow process or decay or erosion.

    Going within is the teachings of Tarot. New Age is the “new eyes” that are looking at an “old deck”.
    I checked the Rainring website briefly before I wrote this comment but will go back to read more.

    Actually I think I’ll add it to my links because it is “another view” contained with a deck of cards.

  3. Hi,

    I love your blog, very informative. Could you please advise where to buy the same cards you have in the english verse version? It would be very much appreciated.

    Thank you.

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