Jigsaw Puzzling a Reading

When a reading goes through the jigsaw puzzling process, it is like opening up a box of jigsaw puzzle pieces.
It is mind boggling at first but when you arrange the pieces is similar colors or landscapes and begin to group them, it becomes easier.
Usually the border, or one side of the border is first. Sometimes then you can piece a scene within the jigsaw puzzle but it doesn’t quite fit because the connecting pieces are not OBVIOUS.
Card readings are similar but the difference is you get to see the picture of the finished puzzle right on the box and the finished outcome of someone’s life through probabilities & possibilities is really only known after the fact.

The male reading I did in 3 parts still has some CONNECTING pieces missing. For example the blue jigsaw puzzle is the same blue as the next piece BUT is may not fit, so you keep looking for the piece that will interlock perfectly.

I have always thought that if you look too deep at something you miss the OBVIOUS. Even though there are some so called negative cards in Lenormand style decks. It does not have to be really bad and for that matter bad is just a perception. Some bad is necessary because then you do not know what good is.

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