Male reading -part 3

Once again I have included the previous row in the last 3 columns of this young man’s reading.

NOTE: it is highly recommended not to analyze any health related matters to any great detail. There can be a mention and usually the person getting the reading is already aware to some degree.

The cards below point to strong evidence of a situation affecting a household. Different card combination confirm and say the same thing. As with anything – it could be something entirely different.

The reading below by NO means is complete- it is only the nuts and bolts.

Like with an engine of a vehicle certain bolts fit certain parts perfectly, others will grind or squeak. Keeping in mind that the TRADITIONAL meanings of the Madame Lenormand series of cards/meanings are dated from almost 200 years ago.

In those days, an incurable disease was any illness without proper medical treatments and attention that we are “lucky” to have in modern day. Like chicken pox or measles or high grade fever.


These columns contain some powerful cards suggesting ups & downs during the duration of the remainder of the reading.

I will try and pin point the timing. Just because the cards are at the end DOES NOT mean it is further into the probable future, it could happen next week or next month.

For example, typically the cross cards is 2-3 weeks and that card lies in the 2nd last row. The theme around the cross card will come to the foreground of the probable future. I say probable because most things can be controlled by how we think. Law of Attraction. Now if you have serious psychological baggage or old tapes playing over and over in your mind, you will get what you think. Apparently you can snap your finger and change how you think. BUT you have to really believe it and not fake it with positive affirmations that you do not feel in the PIT of your STOMACH!

Column 7 has the sun, scythe, house and clouds cards. Because the clouds card is in the bottom row it shows that there will be some minor disturbances of an emotional nature (moon in previous column) about a new (child) developing situation that will require a decision (path) to be made.

The house card is surrounded by the clouds & scythe and in column 8 the cross. Not the best cards in that they point to upheaval for “someone”.

The house card is also the King of Hearts, a significant male in the family who is ill (tree) or will become suddenly (scythe) ill. In part 2 I stated that the lady & moon cards also represents a mother. The mother of the male- there is a link here. There will be a loss of stability (scythe & anchor) around the home (house) of the mother. Something will occur to upset the applecart as they say.

In the next column we have mountain, anchor, cross and child. The anchor & cross suggests a great sadness or new of this , the letter is in column 9. Now if the cross card has a time frame of 2-3 weeks, does this mean whatever this disturbance is that is “suggested” by the cards will occur some time in May. Won’t know til May rolls around to what degree.

In the last column we have the book, coffin, letter and path cards. The anchor & coffin points to an incurable disease if one is to read it like that. The only thing that bothers me about this is that the book card is beside the coffin suggesting it is either a well kept secret or it is unknown at this point.

If I look at the top vertical row containing tree, scythe, achor & coffin, I get shivers down my spine. All these cards indicated a serious health problem. There is definitely an huge obstacle (mountain) coming in relation to someone’s well being. The book and coffin actually suggest that some news is coming or will be revealed that points to an ending (coffin).

The sun & scythe indicate a radical change in the young man’s life but towards a better situation. The sun card is positive and powerful.

The scythe & house suggest an abrupt change for the King of hearts (a family man).

News of someone ending a course or studies (book & coffin).

A letter is misplaced or lost in the mail. (path & letter)

A decision will have to be made because of a child (path & child).

The lady in question is very anxious (clouds) about something.

I find reading these last few columns unsettling because there is a very strong indication of some sudden incident that will upset the family about this King of hearts (family man). I am not sure if this already happened or if it is still to come. I can’t imagine the cards in the probable future columns talking about the past. That is why there are past columns .

The house & scythe is an upheaval in the family or an abrupt situation around a family man.

The house & cross is definitely some sorrow within the family or about a family man.

The house & clouds is major tension within a household.

The house & anchor is a place of rest.

The clouds & cross suggests mourning.

There are strong indicators that there will be a problem of paramount importance affecting a family situation. There just is no other way to read these cards that would shed any more promising meanings. SEE a previous study sample READING click here

This particular layout is for research & study purposes- The problem when using all 36 cards is that the cross, scythe, coffin, clouds, mountain etc show up somewhere in the reading. The problem with this layout is that they are bunched together which intensifies the possibility to a probability.

Sometimes it is better to live the journey you are on because any side streets on your path will always be there whether you know it or not.

In my experience with the Madame Lenormand cards, I have described situations in the past that came pretty darn close to being RIGHT ON, however the piecing of the right on information is where SKILL is required.

For example, I foresaw the serious illness aroud an older woman I know back in the fall of 2006- never ever thinking it would turn out to be a close female acquaintance who was an older woman. Honestly, I thought it was someone else but she was not older, I really did not know or have any clue of who it was, I just knew I would be involved in some way and the information came through for me to know.

I find that you cannot rush the reading- it requires much study and time to compute. This type of reading using the full 36 Lenormand or for that matter the Gipsy Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten deck speaks volumes, LISTEN, READ & TRANSLATE.

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