Male reading- part 1

Below is layout with the first 3 columns using the No. 194115 Mlle Lenormand Wahrsagekarten Caromancy Deck (Jeu du destin). This reading is for a young male. His card (Ace of Hearts-gentleman) is in the very bottom row. This has a special significance to the overall theme of the reading. What this means is that he has great control of his actions and responses to events or situations in the probable future.


In the 2nd column above the gentleman card are the key, clover and ship cards. Because these 3 cards are above his card the meanings of these cards are on his mind or weighing him down to some degree. All three cards indicate a positive theme.

In the 1st column we have the recent past, perhaps within a week or so. In the 3rd column we have the imminent future, as in the next few days or week. I have seen this time frame up to 1 month as well.

Taking the first column of cards we have the stork (changes), whip (tensions), mouse (minor loses), bouquet (a dark haired female or general well being). These are only keywords.

There was a situation in the past that induced changes whereby there were many discussions (whip). The fact that there is a card of loss (mouse) one must remember this is a slow process. It could be something as simple as “garbage talk”, what I mean by that is useless discussions over something that has brought about a change. Despite all that there will be a gradual happy outcome (bouquet). The bouquet suggests using charm and politeness in the face of adversity.

Column 2. The keys points to a solution to the previous column’s theme. It will happen quickly (clover). The spats or arguments (whip) are short lived. While these spats may not be significant in nature, they are because of a recent change.

The ship card above the gentleman can suggest someone going on a trip or being involved with the travel of a friend (dog in column 3). The ship card is also of escape (in one’s mind). There is a sense of longing for the gentleman in question, maybe for everything to just be back to the way it was.

In column 3 the fox & fish cards indicate a situation about work that involves money. When the clover & fish are side by side it often suggests an increase in monies. The dog & fish can also be a friend or even a co-worker who is financially stable. The last card is the stars, a wonderful card in itself.

The gentleman is facing the star card. What is ahead of him will be connected to a wish or something he really wants. The word reconciliation comes to mind or to reconcile something that can involve a friend. A kind of compensation. Compensation can come on an emotional level as well.

The ship & dog point to a friend at a distance or one that is away at the time of the actual shuffling of the cards which was 2 days ago.

Clarity (star) is awaiting this young man. Which means a more settled mind about something or a situation which could have been on his mind at the time of shuffling the cards. Definitely an advantageous outcome.

That is the core summary of those cards.

Looking for other combinations I see that the key & fish are touching. This means that there will be an improvement professionally. The stork & key indicate that some resolution will formulate. There is a solution (key) but not without some tension or conflict (whip). On a work level (fox) there could be a reward of some type (fish).

The bouquet & ship suggest a trip for this young man, something pleasing. If this is decided, it will cost more than it is worth (mouse), in other words more expensive than anticipated. A visitor (friend) from a distance (ship) and it looks like it could be an older man (fish-King of Diamonds). There is an element of luck or surprise (clover). A good time is shown (star).

The mouse & bouquet also mean the young man is happy but it is a tired happy. Perhaps he is worried about trivial things. Don’t forget the mouse card eats away at whatever is the card after it.

Stork & key indicates that through change comes a solution or resolution. And luck (clover) is with the young man.

There is an excellent opportunity coming (clover & fox) through a job or career. There is a contract involved (key). A business trip (ship & fish) with a friend (dog) is likely.

The other thing too is that because of a trip/travel (ship) the young man of the reading will gain more understanding (star) about a situation that was knawing (mouse) away at him.

2 thoughts on “Male reading- part 1

  1. Hi Seaqueen,

    I’m very glad I found your blog. I’m a beginner to Lenormand cards and so I’m learning a lot here. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

    Greeting from Germany

  2. You are very welcome. I enjoy teaching about the Lenormand cards and if you found my entries helpful- that is rewarding in itself. I visited Germany a long time ago. Landed in Munich and stayed in Ingolstadt (I think that is how you spell it) drove through Austria to Slovenia (where I am born). It was breathtaking and beautiful.

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