Male reading- part 2

Column 3 is included to assess the combinations from the next set of cards. I think it is important to gain as much information as possible. There is a big glare on the snake & rider cards in the image. Hey I’m just learning to take pictures with my digital camera, lol.


Initially I scan the cards and do keywords. Then I go over the same cards and read them in different ways. The same 2 cards can have different meanings. This does not mean either combination is right or wrong – just different.

I will start with the bottom card, the ring. The reason for this is because the ring card lies in the horizontal row of the gentleman card in column 2- this is the young man’s probable future line. The cards above this row are contributing cards. AND because they are all above, that means that all the themes have already been set in motion.

The ring card is about cycles, commitments, contracts etc. It is the very next card to the star (clarity).

In column 4 we have the snake, rider, bear and ring card. The rider card brings messages, news or information. The snake card can represent a med-dark haired female, usually a family member but the coloring doesn’t matter. On one level the snake card is less positive in nature. The news could be disturbing. When you combine the fox & snake, it suggests a co-worker could be the source of some information, not necessarily disturbing. OR BOTH.

We live on multi-levels in our life. A sister, co-worker or person down the street can all be the snake card Queen of Clubs. The news (rider) seems to be about an older man (bear), a fatherly type of person. Because the dog & bear are side by side, it may be the father of a friend. Where does the ring card fit into all this? Good question.

One of the other meanings for the bear card is money or finances. When the bear & ring are together it strongly suggests a financial contract or commitment.

Ok back to the snake card. Delays and caution. Fox & snake has been known to represent some incident in the workplace that came out of the blue and was ot anticipated. The news (rider) comes about this. It will be brought out into the open. Not sure of the timing of this but 4-6 weeks is reasonable. The suggestion to the young man is to THINK TWICE before reacting or responding to any news or information that will come about a situation that may or may not be related. I don’t think it is.

The card beside the ring card is the tower in the bottom horizontal row. These 2 cards have a meaning entirely different when in a combination. Something is hidden about a commitment. Could be anything at this point, and when the reading progresses it will unfold.

When a reading is done in the way I am doing it by explaining the techniques of reading the cards- the CONTINUITY or FLOW is lost- In a face to face reading, the cards merge and intuition plays a big role in the entire process.

What I am doing is tearing the reading apart, card by card to demonstrate all the probabilities and possibilities.

The snake & rider can suggest an unexpected visitor or connection where caution should be used. When you don’t know someone , who is a friend of a friend- who knows who they are or their motives (if they have any or not).

The rider & bear can indicate money coming in as well.

Someone definitely has an attitude problem (fox & snake & birds).

Column 5 we have the birds, heart, lily and tower. There is romantic news coming (birds & heart). A matter close to the heart is discussed (rider & heart). I must say that in all my experience when I see the snake & heart cards close together my eyes widen. There is something that is not totally right. Sometimes people tell white lies to protect themselves or others. The snake & birds gives me the feeling of “sweet talk” filled with too much “sweet”. Hmm need to think about this combination in reference to the remaining cards.

The rider & birds suggests a deep conversation about things relating to a relationship (heart). The rider & snake strongly suggest inaccuracy of what is relayed. It is not the truth. The other cards surrounding the heart card are strong and whatever this is, it is a superficial and not to be taken seriously. The garden card is beside the heart card pointing to a smoothing out of everything. Actually this might be healthy in it’s own way (garden & tree).

The lily card, King of spades is usually an older man- maybe middle aged. A type of confidant, family member or a person that is a good listener, helpful for sure. It would be a major friendship (heart & lily) or one of importance for whatever the reason. Another connotation of lily & tower is a legal issue under discussion. The tower can represent a school, hospital, building, hotel, highrise etc. In some cases it can depict a “loneliness” for this older man. The tree card does touch it and maybe he is sick or dealing with a health issue.

In column 6 we have the garden, tree, lady and moon cards. The lady in question might very well be ill (tree) and depressed (moon) to some degree. A painful situation (heart & tree) causing temporary withdrawal (tower) and emotional unstability (moon). The lily card is beside her – the man described in the above paragraph is linked to her.

The tree card is a time card and usually depicts 9-12 months. Some readers say that if the tree card is beside you that you are grounded and well balanced. Because I know what cards are in the next column I would have to say this does not apply for this young lady, as the scythe card touches her (more about that in the final part3). She may have a virus or infection (tree & scythe) or even a toothache.

The birds & garden can suggest a party in the offing. A cocktail party or invitation to social gathering for the young man of the reading. The birds represent the number 2. Two functions within 2 weeks or 2 months.

News about a mother (lady & moon), could be the young lady’s.

The last 3 columns of this reading will be done in part 3.

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