Siting of brown/black butterfly

As the first siting of the year, the black/brown butterfly brings with it a superstition to the viewer.

In Mexico it is believed that it is an omen of pending death within the area of the siting. If the butterfly is white it portends good luck. One can never be too sure of these superstitions. If you put energy as in “thought application” to a negative connotation, then you will attract that to yourself. Just like the black cat crossing your path from right to left. This occurs probably thousands of times a day in the world but not every one believes the superstition. A cat is just a cat and a black cat is just a black cat.

The power of the mind which we all can control directs us. If we are infested with negativity and superstition then that is precisely what our world will be. Certain living creatures on this earth do know instinctively what is pending, as in the near future, that we do not know on a conscious level. When we read and interpret the signs of the animal/etc kingdoms we can receive foreboding knowledge of what is likely to occur.

Lots of people see butterflies this time of year but there are certain colors which are uncommon. A Black/brown butterfly is typically is not the usual kind around this area. Could it be that Mother Nature has a message??

East European’s superstition on this color of butterfly is a bad luck omen- meaning very bad news is on it’s way.

A butterfly is an ancient symbol- transformation. It could signify the preparation of the next stage in the unveiling of the soul’s destination. And it could just be a butterfly!


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