Old Gypsy Fortune Telling Cards

The old gypsy fortune telling 36 cards by Whitman Publishing Co. are in amazing condition if they are from 1940. (wink)

The cards do have some yellowing and bending but for the most part are in fair-medium condition especially if they are 63 years old. It is possible. I have a Tarot deck which I purchased in 1971 and it has seen many readings, still in good condition. It is 36 years old as is my mini Rider deck. The cards from those years are heavier than the decks from now.

The box the cards come in says 19 cents. The instruction say the year MCMXL which is 1940. Not positive if this is a reproduction deck although the box looks authentic. Who knows these days.

I mentioned this deck in a previous post where I had bought the reproduction deck/kit at Chapters book store. I’ll have to look in my collection and compare. Also do a google search to determine the actual age. Last I looked this deck was out of print. I purchased this deck from an antique dealer. I have lucked out on some vintage decks in the past.  Lady Lorelei has a book/card set on the market that uses the Old Gypsy Fortune Telling Cards.

There is a layout in these instructions which is different from the typical 9×4 or 8×4 with 4 on the bottom. Later today I will experiment with a reading. The old gypsy fortune telling cards are similar to the Lenormand decks in that there are 36 images.

Instead of Lady #29 & Gentleman #28, there is the Queen #15 & King #14. The numbering sequence is totally different. The color on the Whitman deck is bright and simple. The French Cartomancy Lenormand deck which is my more favorite deck has very soft colors- good for triggering the psyche, as in the original Rider deck.




19 thoughts on “Old Gypsy Fortune Telling Cards

    • I recently acquired a complete set of these cards from a thrift store for 15 cents. I had only intended to use the box and nearly left the cards on the counter until I saw what they were. My instructions are the same as shown in your picture but missing #16 – #21. The 1940 paper came apart at that point and that part was lost.

      • Hello,

        I don’t know if you still have the old Gypsy cards but if you do could you tell me if you are selling them and how much you are selling them for?


  1. Hello,

    This deck is also very similar to the one that Lady Lorlei has created. There is a bit of history in her accompanying book about this deck. Here is the link to her website, maybe you will find additional information that I have not mentioned.
    I am planning to use the Old Gypsy deck in an upcoming post to illustrate a 9 card layout.

    Thanks for your comment.
    Madame Seaqueen

  2. just recently bought gypsy oracle cards for a friend – but there is no book with it to give meanings to the cards. the cards were done in the ‘old gypsy spread’ apparently and the 5 cards i picked out in order were:

    pleasure seeker


    young woman

    the room and lastly the lover – what does this mean?

    thanks ,lou

  3. Hi Lou,
    Thanks for your comment. Can you tell me the name of the deck? Is it called “gypsy oracle”? Let me know and then I can offer some suggestions for the 5 cards you picked. Madame SQ

  4. Hi Lou,
    The gypsy oracle deck looks like a pleasant deck. I like the artwork. It is a mixture of most of the sibilla style cards.
    Since I do not have the deck (yet) I cannot interpret the pleasure seeker card until I know what the image is or the other markings. There should be a 31 page booklet with the deck. The rest of the cards’ meanings are the same as with the other sibillas.

  5. How lovely to see thes cardson your site. My Grandmother gave these to me as a child in the 60’s. I have used them often but have moved on to the Tarot and Christine Kaballa.

  6. I too have the same set of old gypsy fourtune telling cards as yours, the box is different, but the cards are identical and are numbered the same, my only problem is I dont have the directions, Im wondering if you would have any ideas how I could get a copy of these, Thanks Jewel

    • i have the directions and the same box set as you it sounds like. i can scan my instructions and email them to you if want.

      • Hi Mandy. That’s very nice of you. Go ahead and email them to me. My contact info can be found on the header called contact me. I will attempt to send them to Jewel if she is still following this post. Seaqueen.

  7. Hi Jewel,
    Thank you for your comment. I will post the some easy directions for the old gypsy fortune telling cards when I get a bit more time to write them out in an upcoming post. Keep checking back. 🙂 Madame Seaqueen.

  8. I have a set of these in an original box that differs greatly from yours. Set is complete, with instruction/interpretation booklet as well (which also differs from yours). Cards and illustrations same.

  9. My grandmother shown me this exact deck of cards. She asked me if I could look up any information about them. She was mostly wondering how much these cards would go in an action. Does anyone no how much money you could get for a deck of cards like this? Thank you

  10. I have a complete set of the Old Gypsy Fortune Telling cards published by Whitman in 1940. The year published is on the box. I’ve seen them listed on Ruby Lane Antiques for $25. The set includes written instructions and the original box.

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