Full Lenormand layout

Yesterday I threw the cards in the full 9 x 4 grid layout. I seem to prefer that to the 8 x 4 with 4 cards in the 5th row. The main difference in these two layouts is that the bottom 4 cards represent imminent situation or something that needs to be addressed right away.
Reading the Madame Lenormand cards in a grid layout requires some sort of technique such as an establishment of which way to read the cards first. I may have said the same thing on another post but worded it differently. I find that reading the cards vertically first eliminates some of the confusion in the first stages of the reading. Once a column is read and there is a good understanding, the next column is interpreted. At this point the blending could take place. OR
You can read all the 9 columns and then go back and gain more details.
I was reviewing past readings that I have recorded in handwriting to see why or how a described situation materialized. This is how you learn. Even though the images on the Lenormand cards are pretty basic even though some of the artistry is elaborated, core meanings are the foundation for building up the essence of the “theme” of the message.
When you start to develop your own keywords for cards or card combos, it is a good idea to record them so you don’t forget. Your intimacy starts this way with your deck.
When I see the fish & clover cards together this means unexpected money coming in.
When I see the coffin & garden together this means a funeral. This combo showed up twice and twice I went to a funeral.
I see it again…and it is in the back of my mind that it more than likely will occur again.

Rule of thumb about card readings. The energy surrounding the reading at the time that it is done means if everything continues in the same way (no radical decisions made) then the cards come true up to a point. If you go out of your way to change a course of action- the end result will change too with the exception of those things that you cannot control externally.

Below are a few columns from yesterday’s reading. I will analyze the cards that fell.

Moon-I usually interpret this card as emotions when right next to the significator cards (lady or gentleman). Emotional how? Could be on edge, nervous, not in the now moment.
Gentleman-When there is no significant other, as in partner, this card represent another significant male. As it turned out this card suggested my son because I was talking to him on the day of the reading..The moon card is above him which indicates there is a mutual bond or mutual emotional situation between us. Or some sort of situation that triggered both of us. ( in hindsight- there was a problem with the delivery of my birthday flowers, they were 5 hours late) He would have been emotional about that because it affected me. I did not know about the surprise but found out when I was planning to head out of the house and was told to stick around for a delivery).
Coffin-The meaning of the coffin in lieu of this column points to the end of a situation with a new beginning.

I wondered about this column and how to read it, because I did it in the morning before I found out about the delivery. In my notes I wrote “a problem involving a man real soon, like the same day?” Well it was a problem that the delivery was real late, with no courtesy phone call either. The emotional(moon) situation between the lady & gentleman turned out to be me and my son.

In the next column
garden- the lady & garden indicates going to a public place or somewhere where there are lots of people, a creative atmosphere. A restaurant. It can actually mean the “flowers”.
letter- the letter & moon would be an emotional message/email. The letter & scythe means a message serious in nature.
scythe- the scythe & gentleman would be a man that is angered or abrupt with a message/email
cross-the cross & scythe points a potential threatening situation but also ending (coffin)

If this column is read by itself with no combos factored in, it would read something like this:
A public place (garden) is involved or because of. Messages (letter)which are blunt and to the point (scythe) cause some kind of solution or eventual answer with a high degree of certainty.

After several emails from my son to this flower shop that guaranteed the delivery in the early afternoon, they told him that due to the high winds they were backed up. This shop is about 5 km from where I reside and the flowers were delivered at 7:15pm. This is inexcusable. And this would definitely provoke anger (scythe). My dinner plans were delayed 2 hours and by the time my daughter & I drove to the restaurant and had the food in front of us, it was 8:30pm.

Looking at the two columns together, there are clues with these 8 cards as to some of what happened BUT it is not spelled out clearly.
The keywords are: me, emotions, male, ending, public place, message, blunt/sudden, solution.

I am sharing this story to further analyze these cards.
My notes say that “a message of a cancellation about going to a public place comes”. I also wrote “a man is angered about some news regarding a public place”.

The moon card can be emotional tension as well because of a message (letter). Each card is a word and all the words become a sentence. Reading cards is not as easy as some people think.

If we just did the imagery reading without the core foundational meanings it might be (depending on the Lenormand deck) something like this:
female, nighttime, male, end, park, news, severing, sadness. Cross card may not mean sadness to you, it could mean burden.

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