Continuing the Lenormand combos

A few keywords for the following cards
Stars- wishing for something, success
Heart- a situation close to one’s heart
Book- a situation not revealed yet
Fox- a job or work

This column is self-explanatory just with the keywords. Something to the effect of, a job or work that the lady would be fond of (heart) and was wishing for (stars) is around her but she doesn’t know the full story (book) yet. If I were reading horizontally from lady & garden & stars & bouquet….so far so good. Lady finds herself in a public place that she had wished for through an invitation. Makes perfect sense. Today I went for a job interview at a fabric/crafting store – and yes I was excited because of my deep interest in designing and creating for jozefaCreations. I would certainly enjoy working in this place even though it is straight across the other side of the city.

Bouquet- a gift, dark haired female, invitation
Key- a decision, a solution
Stork- change, movement
Tree- health, family, established
Part of this column is not seen, far right of image

This column looks like it is suggesting some changes in the health of a friend ( the dog card is to the right of the tree). If we don’t included the dog card we could read this as a dark haired female needs to make a decision that will change her health condition.

A decision needs to be made because of some dark haired female or an invitation. Book & Stork = whatever this “secret” or unrevealed information around a job (fox) is, a change is shown. So it will not be what it looks like. Fox & tree= security or established work OR a family situation interferes with job.

All of the meanings derived from these 4 columns depict several different situations going on at the same time which is the way life is – it’s kind of like those multiple choice questions.
a] b] c] d]all of the above.

Reading the Lenormand cards is d]all of the above.


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