I couldn’t resist Nostradamus

I just had to try my new toy. The instructions are fairly easy, just shuffle and layout the cards out into a grid 6 x 6 =36. You are suppose to ask a question and all the matches you make will give you information leading up to the answer. It’ll be interesting to see how much would be revealed. At this point I have not read any of the meanings of the cards, just to keep it a little mysterious for me, too. This could take a bit to do, as the matched images aren’t always obvious.

A correction to the previous post, Touchkoff’s layout uses less cards. Nostradamus oracle has 72 actual cards in the 4 different positions, which are numbered in the middle. Touchkoff’s book described only 50 actual cards but uses arrows for the 4 different positions.

OK – a question, hmmm let’s see what shall I ask. How about, will I relocate this year?

The first picture below is the “before” I find any of the matches. I do see 1 matches that fell naturally.

53=constellation of perseus
-the wreath is in the 3rd postion. This is what it says “your laurel is bloodied, but your battle is won”. Keeping in mind what my question is, not making sense yet.

The next image is with the matches I find, but I will zoom in only on the matches. It’ll be good for record-keeping as well when I re-read this post in a month or so.
There could be matches in several ways with the same card- that is why it takes a little longer to do and I need to adjust to the images of Nostradamus, lol.

Well that did not take long, because I could only find 2 matches, hahaha.


In the first row, 55 the stars and 3rd row, 66 a big W.

55-4th position. constellation of pleiades. OOOO a hint to the answer to the question. “7” is your lucky number & will bring you luck. The years that contain a “7” are your luckiest years.” 2007 or 7th month July.
66.-1st position, constellation cassiopeia. Awe darn, “you will experience love’s sorrow.”

Three matches that don’t answer the question directly, unless the constellation of pleides is the answer.

Oh goody I see another match.

42= 3rd position. Lyra (the harp). “you will become a patron of the arts and earn much respect” Well I like that prediction.

Maybe I missed some more matches. This is so much fun, and oh so unproductive but I love to learn about oracles. I have the perfect little specialty bag, one of my gem stones bags- which I should be making more of right about now.

In summary the probability of relocation is promising, the love life will suck and the handcrafting business will become successful.

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