Study Sample Jan 29


column 7

clouds, man, whip, ring = news of a male having issues or difficulties in a relationship. Clover besides the clouds suggests brief problems. The clouds move quickly. Child beside the man suggests a male member of a family. Path beside the whip indicates much discussion and debate about a decision. Sun next to the ring emphasizes the importance of the connection/relationship.

column 9, the cards that are circled to the right.

tree, scythe, bear, coffin = these cards point to a sudden health issue (it is not a good practice to even discuss health matters with others. If it is your own reading & you are asking about someone you care about-it is private) surrounding an important male in a family, usually a father. The bear card is next to the ship, suggesting a man at a distance. At a distance from who? Maybe this forecast involves someone other than the person getting the reading.

The bear is a protective animal as well. If you take the scythe to represent a young man (jack of diamonds), then he would be a cautious individual and a person with an unexpected “temper”.

The scythe card is a “cutting” or severing but that is not always a bad thing. When a bush is pruned, it promotes new growth. When you “cut” your hair- it still grows. When you “cut” fabric, you do so with the intent of using the piece you cut to make something OR you simply cut excess off because you don’t need it. Cutting is sometimes necessary.

The scythe card can induce feelings of concern. Notice that the key card is to the left of it, suggesting that due to some situation discovered through some sort of communication (letter) this “cutting” is the end result. Cutting can also mean “a clear cut decision”.

When taken in reference to the tree card indicating health issues as most traditional meanings suggests there is a hint of a “removal” of something. There are no other cards that strongly support this. Sometimes the tree card is just a family. Could be news coming regarding some situation that has been “eliminated” OR results from a test.

This last column, gives me the feeling that there could be an upcoming ending (coffin) with a chance for renewal (coffin) as a result of some weeding out (scythe) involving a young man (scythe) or an older family member (bear). You can probably think of many other suggested meanings for these cards. It does become mind boggling as to the myriad of meanings a person can come up with.

These days, card readers do imagery readings versus traditional core meanings. For example, looking at the bear card, we have already established possible meanings for that card. Some other keywords for that card can be ………

bully, power, standing firm, hunting, solitude, good memory, sleep, etc etc

The only real way to test the validity of any of these suggestions, is after the fact, when things come to pass. When you do it this way, your cards become personal and you build an intimate relationship with them. Scythe + Coffin are necessary in the grander scheme of things.

In my experience, the scythe is like the explosion of a blown up balloon. Initially, shocking because it is a loud bang & unexpected- ripped apart at the seams.

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