Sacred Path Cards

I haven’t cast the Sacred Path cards for a long time. Jamie Sams also co-created the Medicine Cards with David Carson.

But today I was drawn to them. I shuffled the deck and only selected one card. I drew Thunder-Beings.

Usable Energy. How very interesting.

Since the sudden surge of energy a few weeks ago, with the base chakra- the meaning of the Thunder-Beings certainly reflects what has and is happening.

The medicine (advice) of card 36 is to call on this energy and use it. It is there for the taking. I am the conduit for the energy (thunderbolt). No kidding. Like I said before it felt like a shot of adrenalin.

The Thunder-beings bring energy to re-new and change our lives. A person is surrounded by an electromagnetic field which can become weakened and contaminated especially if exposed to damaging energy on a constant basis. One’s own thinking process can either strengthen or weaken this “field”.

I think what the Thunder-beings are offering is a way to clear and cleanse one’s own field. When the purging is completed the pure energy can get through. And the Qi Gong techniques will assist in this process.

And how was your day?

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