Oracle of the Radiant Sun


Oracle of the Radiant Sun cards using the Sun Year layout.

I haven’t used these cards for a while and decided to do a yearly forecast. Actually I am only interested in the next 3 months & the middle Theme card which is below.


But I will study the rest of the months as we go along and make reference to the meanings of the cards falling in those months.


Knowing that Mars is the planet of action and Gemini is the “thinking” sign the meaning is obvious. Most of the energy has been put into intellectual realm. Designing & creating handcrafted projects would certainly come under this meaning and I have been doing precisely that. The word on the card is DECISION. In the Smith/Astrop’s companion book it is suggested that there may be fights & arguments. Well I can think of several heated debates over the last few weeks with a certain member of this family. Coincidentally she is a Gemini. As far as making a decision, perhaps I have by passionately working on my projects.

MARCH- EXCITEMENT-Mercury in Gemini.

Mercury is right at home in Gemini and it’s ruler, so it will be most powerful. Intellectual/mental chaos, the way I see it. My mind will be all over the place and there is the suggestion of some good ideas . Gemini rules the 3rd house as well which rules short trips, communication & siblings just to mention a few. It looks like March will be a very active month and I will be doing lots of talking. Hmmm maybe that workshop I have been thinking about will finally be a reality in March. This would be an excellent time to study or facilitate a workshop because the planet & sign are in good placement in the cards that is.

APRIL-CHARITY- Saturn in Cancer.

I am not so sure I like the image on this card.


Saturn is always a planet that will test you. Because it is in Cancer ruling the 4th house of home/family it makes me wonder if some situation will develop that will be emotionally unsettling. After-all, I am a Pisces with a Scorpio moon and my emotions can be volcanic, lol.

There are several ways to interpret this card using my own background in Astrology. Issues around family will be coming up and I will be directly involved. The image shows 3 figures leaving a building -and the angels from above are guarding them. To me it looks like someone is fleeing and will only have their faith as there guidance. We shall see what happens. I will update this reading- it is a great way to learn. After the fact is 20/20.


The theme card is one of emotional freedom & detachment when the Moon is in Aquarius. The removal of emotional attachment and looking at the “whole” of things and not so personal. That will be monumental because my few years of Spiritual retreat will be over and will involve groups of people. Back into the external world. Sometimes the grieving process is a long one after a significant person in your life dies……….

I would have to say, just like other readings I have done with this deck (& not posted) these cards cut right through and speak their truth. Glancing at the remaining cards it looks like within 6 months and not without challenges & struggles a new found emotional freedom awaits me.

One thought on “Oracle of the Radiant Sun

  1. I also have this deck and like it very much. However, as you say, it helps enormously if you have some astrological understanding. Interesting that you mention the death of a loved one… I turned my back on astrology after predicting a (possible) death – which occurred as predicted. A heartbreaking experience. It took around six years for me to ‘come back’ to astrology…..

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