5 card Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten reading

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I find the Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten (ciganske karte) deck one of the most interesting & intriguing to interpret.

In a simple 5 card layout you can get right down to the meat & potatoes of the reading.

The person did not have a question in mind when selecting these 5 cards. But we know that there are really only about 1/2 dozen or so – life themes that are important to most people.

Card 1- Anger #14. This would be the “aura” of the circumstances around the person & the person. This card depicts a specific emotion- an uneasy time with emotions. The picture shows a young lad getting told off by an older gent. Something is wrong- did the lad anger this man by his actions.

Is there some unresolved emotional issues surrounding the person? The Anger card is right next to the House card on the right side -that could be the clue as well (arguments in the home front). The main point of the “neprilika” card is a not so serene attitude, combativeness.

Card 2- Sweetheart #29. The card of the present versus the past. Sometimes the present is the past, when we have emotional baggage. This card represents the lady that chose the cards. What this means is that she is very much in the “now” and intimately linked to the Anger card. She might be ticked off at something going on currently.

Card 3- Constancy #18. Falling in the immediate spot of 1 month this card means that not much will change. Remember that to be constant means to stay the same. If this was a love question that would be wonderful news but if the situation is unpleasant it is not so pleasant. “Stalnost” sits right on top of the Anger card. It appears things might even escalate. Another way to look at the Constancy card is a certain degree of loyalty as well -perhaps to a cause, or to issues around the home (House card falls in the near future spot).

Card 4- House #34. This spot represents the next 3 months or so. Issues of this lady’s home or where she lives will be of significance. There are no negative cards in this layout with the exception of the Anger card (which is a negative emotion but also positive in the sense that it can trigger her into action of some sort). The “Kuca” card is all about her residence. A home provides protection as well as limitations. Because the Anger card is so central, as in describing this lady there is a suggestion that she will continue to be annoyed 3 months from now (confirmed by the Constancy card in the 1 month spot). Nothing will change.

Card 5- Fidelity #26. The outcome spot is the result or eventual solution. The Fidelity card is normally a welcome card. “Vjernost” suggests faithfulness, sticking to your guns, or going down with a sinking ship. You can see the dog at the cemetary in the picture of the card. Til death do you part & even then you aren’t apart. Remaining loyal even though there is no one to remain loyal to. Interesting observation.

There are 2 cards, Constancy & Fidelity that point to “not giving up”. The answer within Card 5 is one of repetition. As was before – it shall be again, and it shall continue. The cards do not indicate any significant changes within the next three months despite the fact that this lady has unsettled emotions. Not a promising reading if she wanted change to happen.

There is a hint in the House card that her “inner house” is in disorder. The lady (sweetheart card) needs to address some deep emotional (Anger card) issues and not remain loyal (Constancy & Fidelity cards) to those emotions. Letting go- is necessary within – so that there is an external reflection and eventual change.

Card 5 Fidelity shows the dog in a state of faithfulness to someone who has probably passed away (cross-cemetery). Could it be that the lady is holding on to pain & anger and therefore her inner house is in turmoil?

Because the lady selected her own card (Sweetheart) which represents her suggests that she can control whatever this situation is around her. By not calling attention to herself- she will handle the next 3 months well because the Constancy & Fidelity cards will give her the positive strength, as long as that energy is tapped into and not the negative aspect of those cards- same ol’, same ol’.

9 thoughts on “5 card Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten reading

  1. Thank you Joanne. It is really interesting when you actually lay cards and have a chance to analyze them without pressure from having to produce on demand as sometimes happens when you read cards for someone else. It is truly amazing at some of the insights that come through. It is important to have a solid of the cards you are using as well, any cards for that matter.
    I make it a habit of documenting actual readings for research & study purposes so that I can determine just how a card does materialize or why it doesn’t.

  2. Hi, I just have a question on the zigeuner wahrsagekarten deck. I find they are a simple deck to read but doesnt it have different meanings when the cards come up upside down. Like for example, the death card if its right side up it could mean the death of a person but if its upside down could mean the death of a relationship. I am just a little confused on how it works if they are the wrong way and I cant find a link to tell me.
    thanks Sonja

  3. Hi Sonja,
    Thanks for your excellent question. In response, I wrote a post by illustrating some hints on the interpretation of DEATH reversed.
    I will included reversals when I write about some of the other Gipsy Zigeuner cards.
    Thanks for your comment.

  4. I have a very old set of these cards. I am trying to date them but they do not match any I have seen.

    They look like the 1901(color) set but only have 4 languages German, English, French, Italian. No numbers between the words.

    The box says made in Austria in the lower part of the box there is a circle with Nr.1 in it.

    Can someone help me date these please?


  5. Blakraven, if anyone ever answered you, please let me know. I have a rather old set myself and am having a problem dating them also. On the cards themselves there’s only a number, for instance, the number 2, then to the right, centered, is the 6 of diamonds, then in the upper right hand corner it says Dondorf Francfort. On the outside of the box there’s a dragon with a ‘plaque’ and in the plaque it says ‘B.D.’. If you have any info, please let me know. Thanks!!

  6. Hello Blakraven,
    Thanks for your comments. I may have some answers for you. It is the Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten which I have described here https://seaqueen.wordpress.com/zigeuner-1-36-meanings/
    Click on the heading after to link to the page and you will see the entire deck. There are 6 languages on the cards you will see on the Hungarian site. The deck with the 4 languages would have been manufactured around the same time.

    Please let me know if it the same as the deck on that site or if it resembles the deck I write about. https://seaqueen.wordpress.com/category/3-gipsy-zigeuner/

    If not, I know of a wonderful website where the date could be found. Let me know.
    Madame SQ

  7. Hello Nancy,
    Thanks for your comment.
    The deck you describe sound like the Lenormand cards. The original cards were called B Dondorf LeNormand Fortune cards and manufactured in 1880/1900. Sometimes this antique deck can be purchased on Ebay. If you do have this deck, you are really lucky to own it.
    There are many reproduction that look very similar. Here are a few link that shows many similar decks.


    Let me know how you make out. Madame Seaqueen.

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