Jack of Spades

jackofspade.jpg The bad boy

In all my years of playing (reading) cards I have not come across a real positive association with the Jack of Spades.

Most of the descriptions suggest that this Jack is a real bad character. In the Madame Lenormand cards the Jack represents the Child. I suppose a child can go either way in the early stages of development, either the good way or the bad way, the positive or negative /or different. Maybe Madame Lenormand knew something we have yet to discover.

The Jack of Spades has been called a liar, cheat, crook, con, traitor, lazy, thief, hostile, jealous just to mention a few choice words. Shadow aspects are assigned to this Jack even though any of the court cards can demonstrate these characteristics.

We have all been the Jack of Spades at some point in our lives to some degree. I am reminded of the Thief card #30 in the Gipsy Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten deck.

A thief does not necessarily have to steal “things”, a thief can steal your heart & trust. Things can be replaced but trust takes a little longer and to open your heart up again- is a long term healing process. Betrayals can also be a reflection of self-betrayal, how are you cheating yourself? When you get the Jack of Spades in a reading, pay attention to what is going on with you inner dialogue & outer actions.


When you draw the Thief card and it is beside the House card (Croatian kuca, lopov)- it could very well mean a theft, so secure your residence but don’t be a psycho about it. Cards forewarn and what has been forewarned can be prevented and therefore does not materialize.

Cards mirror the flow of now. If you ignore a warning or an unreasonable fear, then it will materialize exactly the way the cards say so. Sure you have Free Will -the free will to accept or reject -the free will to choose your reactions and responses to situations. The free will not to have a card reading done.

7 thoughts on “Jack of Spades

  1. Hi Donald,
    Thank you for your comment.
    You have posed an interesting question which I can attempt to answer by giving you an example.

    A number of years ago I did a Celtic Cross layout while asking a question. Before I turned the very last card over, I knew what it was going to be. Actually, I had hoped it wouldn’t be the card that ended up being exposed but it was.

    I engaged in a lengthy conversation with a friend and their perspective was that I chose the last card in my mind to fall as the final card.

    This is similar to picking a card mentally and yes it should count as a reading. There is a reason why the Jack of Spades was thought of. This card is offering you information even if you did not select it physically.

    Let me know your thoughts …

    Madame Seaqueen.

  2. Thank you for your comment “psychic readings”. I hope to upload more short videos to youtube which will feature 2 or 3 card readings. Before I do that I plan to describe the Lenormand cards with some simple tips on how to read them as well as many of the other sibilla style decks like Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten.
    Madame Seaqueen

  3. You are most welcome. I look forward to learning more about the different decks. I’m somewhat dependent on the Rider Waite deck as I do connect well with the images. I’m looking to widen my scope into the varied Tarot Deck imagery and significance.

  4. I think over time one learns whether a message like “Jack of Spades” is reliable or forced. Whether it is clairaudient or the conscious mind imposing its will. For myself, it is only on the rare occasion when my guide asserts an important fact that I can trust messages I hear. Clairvoyant images or running pictures are, by contrast, what I can always trust. I think that is why the cards mean so much to me. They are visual. I do realize that for others, the ESP is reversed.

    • Thank you for your comment and insights. Guides administer their data in various ways. From what you say clairvoyance is one technique which works for you and for others it may be something else. It is important a person can distinguish between “true knowing” and “ego chatter” which takes some training and/or experience. Jack of Spades means different things to different people depending on previous Cartomancy studies.

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