Medicine Cards- Owl.

Today I decided to use my Medicine Cards which were created by Jamie Sams & David Carson (who I met at the Prophets Conference in Vancouver August 2006).I am reminded of a dream I had last week when I met 2 power animals. The card I drew today was Owl. Owl medicine is all about observation and quiet listening. I found this to be very true when I created an Owl card bag a few days ago- it put me in a reflective mood and out of that came a beautiful creation which I believe I channeled through Owl.I was inspired to create another owl bag that holds the Medicine Cards perfectly as they are longer than most cards.

owletsy.jpg (Owl Card bag)

Owl takes you to other dimensions. Owl can be associated with the Tarot Magician. Artistic creations are magic. Ive always thought Owls to be wise. The Lenormand owl/birds card is much different in meaning. Here you can see the huge difference, the difference between fortune telling & spiritual divination.When I bought the Medicine cards set in the late 1980’s or early 1990’s, I had no idea that one day I would meet the co-creator David Carson and shake his hand at the book signing after the conference. I forgot to tell my spiritual wise woman friend Geraldine who passed away last November that I met David. She would have loved to hear that. She used the Medicine cards all the time partly due to her North American Indian bloodline.I have noticed that with the creation of the 2 owl bags that I have gone deep within and paid attention to the Owl medicine- and it has brought much clarity.

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4 thoughts on “Medicine Cards- Owl.

  1. This deck disappointed me, the owl in particular because the image is’nt right , the amerindian ones are burrowing owls. But your comments go way past the images, so I thank you for them. Great website.

  2. The part that distinguishes Owl for me is the concept of “deceiver feathers”, the medicine of deception. The owl brings a warning that something isn’t right, and is an ally in illuminating truth. Samms and Carson tie the Athena story in nicely by describing owl as perching on her shoulder to “light up her blind side”. Reversed owl is a warning about bad mojo – be it black magic or another form of manipulation. I’ve found her medicine to be valuable as a warning of deception in the air.

  3. I understand Owl to be the messenger from the land of the dead and past. She carries the medicine of the writer and the storyteller, since all our stories come from our past. The past can be as long ago as our childhood, or our ancestors, or as recent as the moment that has just gone by. Out of this darkness she sustains herself.

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