Confusion and all those Lenormand cards

I threw the cards last night, when I say threw I mean laid out- I didn’t actually throw them, LOL and I found my eyes going all over the place. Yes sometimes that happens, you just don’t know where to start.

Ok so I start with the Lady card which is me because I am a female or I was the last time I looked. Right away I breathe a sign of relief when there are no potentially damaging cards nearby. I have found from experience that there are 2 levels. The hard core nasty meanings and the light fluffy ones.

When you see the heart card surrounded by the scythe, snake, mountain – look out trouble is a coming.

Doing your own reading- if you don’t want to read all 36 cards, DON’T . Just read the block around your lady or gentleman (if male) card.

Turn them over so you can’t see them. Once you establish the gist of what is going on for yourself flip on column at a time heading towards the right-future. The only time 1 study the past column is to test the cards to see if what they are saying did actually happen.

TIP: what I did is cut a strip of some see through vinyl the size of the cards and lay it over the future row and the vertical “now” row.

The picture below gives you an idea of what I mean. Notice the cards under the vinyl….I chose those deliberately because that is what I want to manifest.amc.jpg (wink)

Here you see lady looking at rider who is looking at the heart which is beside the key. What a wonderful bunch of cards. Of course we don’t see what lead up to this and what will follow this. For the sake of discussion, this lucky woman will be getting news from her lover about securing a relationship.

TIP: one word keywords at the beginning until you get into more complicated meanings.

TIP: never do a full 36 card layout if you just have one question, why bother. A three card layout works just fine.

The standard, past/present/future and I more card as the /outcome card only if you can’t make sense of the future card.

For example, let’s use the above cards in the pic, and let’s pretend it is someone else who is female wanting to know about her boyfriend.

lady, past=stop dwelling in the past or about something that just happened

rider, present=you just got some news that will put your mind at ease (I only say that because I see that the outcome card is positive)  If the Scythe was the outcome card- you would have to be a dirty rat and tell her “fat chance” he is not coming back.

heart, future=it involves a lover of yours, so stop worrying about it

outcome, key =all is fine and dandy, your relationship is not over


4 thoughts on “Confusion and all those Lenormand cards

  1. Hello,
    I’m glad you are enjoying Ask My Cards. I have lots of fun doing it especially now that I discovered video & music and can put on the blog to entertain people even more.
    Peace & Love
    Madame S.

  2. I’m so glad I’ve found someone who uses the Zigeuner and Lenormand ! I also use them. I love oracles too !

    Keep the good work nice website. 🙂

    Love & Light

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