Cards versus Astrology

I have been studying the playing deck suits in comparison to the Lenormand images on them and think that some of the cards are not in keeping with the theme of the suits such as the clubs, spades, hearts and diamonds.

I am not convinced that the Madame had any system to it. The hearts suit is the only one that makes a wee bit of sense. Some of the other Madame Lenormand decks on the market omit the entire suits and focus on just the images as in the Mystical Lenormand which really stimulates the psyche. The Gypsy Lenormand is like that as well and has a woodsy feeling.

What is this obsession we have with fortune telling cards? Yes they are a focal point and a trigger or conduit to access what we already know.

Ancient civilizations were built around Astronomy/Astrology and not a deck of cards, perhaps we should be looking at the planets a little closer. Think about it, the second you were born your chart was born with you, although some schools of organized belief systems believe your soul brought it with you.

I knew I would have a son when I was pregnant despite the facts the nurses and doctor indicated it would be a small baby probably girl. I insisted it was male energy and explained to them in the hospital that Mars was a major transit happening. When I studied my daughter’s chart when she was just a little girl I saw in her chart that her father & I would divorce, scoffing at the idea of course.

All divining systems are suppose to work together and compliment each other, or so they say.

Looking at the Ace of Spades to represent the Lady in the Lenormand cards, we look to the Ace of Swords in the Tarot.

Swords rule the mental/intellectual dimension, it represents the beginning of the fall season (other authors do differ in this theory). The fall season begins September 21st, that would more of less Libra (Sept 23rd). Spade to a degree mean the same thing- most hardships are created by the way we intellectualize a situation, how we see it.

Libra is ruled by Venus- woman=Lady. Traditionally Ace of Spades represented death. This is where it stops making sense, unless the Madame knew something about the Ace of Spades that hasn’t been recorded in any book. Aces are beginnings, #1. Ok, maybe that could be stretched to fit. The women getting the reading is #1.

Looking at the Ace of Hearts to represent the Gentleman we look to the Ace of Cups in the Tarot.

The beginning of summer June 21st or the the sun sign Cancer. Again, other authors will debate this but a lot see it the way I do. The moon rules Cancer-female=not male.

Hearts rule the emotional, feeling dimension. Maybe men of her time were in touch with their feminine side and were more sensitive, who knows. Cups in Tarot mean the same thing-happiness or anger, etc. is all about how we feel with our emotions. If you are angry- you are still in a feeling mode.

To my way of thinking neither the Ace of Hearts or the Ace of Spades fits perfectly to correspond to the lady or gentleman cards. I think that 2 separate cards should always be used in any deck of cards to represent the people getting the reading.

Just like in Tarot, I used to always use the Queen of Wands as my card. Now I do not pull that card out of the deck prior to shuffling, I identify which Queen I am before the reading. Depends how I see myself or what frame of mind I am in.

I would really like to know why Madame Lenormand choose those 2 Aces. With her wealth of knowledge about the divining arts- her secret will never be known.

Predictions about someone’s future using cards, crystal ball, astrology, runes etc is called fortune telling.

Does that mean the weather man/woman is a fortune teller- they are predicting the future of the weather using tools of the trade as well? 


2 thoughts on “Cards versus Astrology

  1. Astrology does not lay claim to anything more.
    Astrology is the ancient practice and study of the stars and planets. Its history goes back to Babylonian times. Astrology is not the same as astronomy. Astronomy studies only the science of the planets, stars and universe.

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