Lady+ Fox +Path

The Lenormand cards combinations of Lady, Fox, Path.

Lady- woman of the reading -now

Fox- something wrong/ lies-future

Path- a choice/decision-future

The woman will make the wrong choice- cards beneath the Lady (future)




The woman has already (above Lady in past spot) made the decision only to find out it will bewrong- she doesn’t know yet (future)




The woman is lying to herself about having to make a decision (beneath the Lady is the future) or The woman will make (future) a decision for the wrong reason.




The woman has already (cards preceding the lady is the past) made the wrong decision.

When I say “past” it is really the current past and not the recent or distant past because it is the vertical line that the Significator card (the Lady) lies.  If this was a horizontal line, for example

Fox Path Lady- the cards above and beneath the Fox and Path are read together to gain more information surrounding the cards.  I read them a little differently even though they are in the recent past.

For example




The man is not telling the truth in the relationship.




The bond or union is under question and the choice that was made was sudden and final




Because of what happened in the recent past the Lady is depressed and has become ill from the break-up.

In the horizontal line the contributing cards paint a different picture all together.  Position of cards is an important factor.  Let’s pretend you told the Lady she had a break up in the recent past and she couldn’t make any sense of it.

Panic sets in, right….your reputation is on the line.  All I can say about that is some people have their head in the sand and won’t admit the reality of their situation… fox + lady =lying to herself.  Don’t push it and explain that “traditional” meanings convey that message….and move on.

I had a similar thing happen to me once where I told the person she would temporarily break up with her husband because of another woman.  I received backlash from this person.  Of course I did NOT say her husband would have an affair, all I said was he was influenced by another woman.   Six months later they broke up and now are getting a divorce, because he was having an affair with another woman.

This person confided to me that she had no idea she was heading for the break-up (head in the sand).  Keep an eye on this when reading someone’s cards.   Card readings are suppose to be entertaining.

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