To tap in requires the centering of the body, stilling the mind and focusing on intuitive messages.  Can a reader of divining methods such as cards do this successfully when the instrument (their body) is unwell.

The battle between the Ego & Subconscious is a nasty one.  The “I-self” is putting energy into the physical self thus pulling energy away from the “intuitive-self”.   The balancing of the two takes more energy.

Pulling energy out of yourself means that your body is not properly prepared.  An instrument allows the flow of energy through it.  When energy becomes blocked- you get stuck, and can become physically ill as in tired.

How does one explain being drained, for example, after a card reading?   The body is a conduit of energy & gets stretched.  The continuous stretching of the body in this manner when the body is not fully balanced creates that tired & overwhelming feeling.  It is important to find that balance so that no energy is pulled out of yourself.

The I-self does not want the intuitive-self to take the stage so to speak, and will always try to sabotage it.  The I-self wants attention all the time and will do everything in it’s power to get it. The intuitive-self is at a disadvantage unless there is full balance because it cannot reason without the I-self.

When you are upset- or not feeling well- your perceptions become misaligned and as a person using divining methods you are not a true instrument for the purpose the highest good of everyone concerned including yourself.

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