Lenormand cards are uncanny.

I did a Lenormand reading in the fall and have 3 full handwritten pages with every possible combination that intuitively felt right for this layout. I alway do it in this manner so that I can cross reference at a later date. I wish I was a little neater though, lol, some scribbles I cannot make out. I am posting only a small part of this reading just to show you the time factor involved.

geraldine.jpg Look at the last row

Bouquet, Tree, Rider, Coffin

The reading was done Sept 17, 2006 and I heard the news of the illness of an older woman( that I was fond of ) who died on Nov 12, 2006.

g2.jpg Look at the bottom row

The full sentence is “an important message comes, announces illness (?) that will result in ending or death- Illness around dark haired female- ”      Plain as day- the prediction that materialized. Little did I know at the time I was seeing the death of a close friend, that is why the question mark is there on the original handwritten notes.

Since I am laying low right now, it gives me the opportunity to study past readings. The high accuracy of the Lenormand cards is simply marvellous- no wonder Madame Lenormand was locked up behind bars back in the 19th century.

Time for R & R.


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